Don’t Get Stuck in Understanding

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Knowing Not a Stopping Point


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The mystery of the universe, existence, and Spirit should always remain just that: a mystery. As soon as we quantify the grandest metaphysical quandaries that the human mind can grasp, we lose our potential to stretch our free will to its fullest. Once we are certain that we know the nature of the inconceivable, we functionally trap ourselves in that version of reality. Just as being rooted in one spot limits the extent of the forest we can see, becoming attached to one way of thinking of this divine cosmic soup restricts our perception of its nature.

Faith is like oil in our soul-engine. It makes the shifting of the self easier. At any given moment, we have beliefs. We think we know how things work or what needs to be done today. But none of this is absolute. Today may be the day something radical happens to change our lives. Maybe we learn one fact that changes our understanding of something we hold dear. Perhaps fortune or tragedy will strike and sweep us into a whole new chapter of our life story. Whatever the case, if we were to hold onto that previous belief, we would only be limiting ourselves.

It is inherent that we come into certain beliefs as human beings. Whatever they may be, however we found ourselves holding onto these beliefs, is not what is important. What is important is that we let ourselves perpetually grow. This means we must be willing to be honest with ourselves when we look inwards, and let go of those things that no longer serve us. There is no person, alive or dead, who has absolute truth. By the virtue of being mortal, we can never look at a tree from all angles, simultaneously. To be humble means to accept the nature of our vantage point in the cosmos, and be willing to admit that we did not know everything yesterday. To the enlightened soul, each moment is a lesson which reveals deeper and more divine truths. If we let the stream of faith carry us, we will soon find that it brings us closer to where we need to be.

With faith, we can do the impossible. When we collapse our faith into absolute, concrete knowledge, we are acting to limit ourselves. Pride is considered the first sin because it is the seed of the ego, and when the ego is fed it keeps our world view rooted with it. With the wonder of Spirit in our hearts, we free our perspective to always look at the world through the lens of love. It is this lens which gives each of us our greatest power: the ability to move ourselves on a deep spiritual level.

If we let our minds trick us and believe there is a wall in front of us, we will not try to take a step forward. But, if we maintain our faith, there can be no walls in front of us, for we open our spirit to possibilities that the logical mind cannot manifest itself. When we call upon our thoughts to guide us, our attention is captured by the limits of our experiences, and we become trapped. A life ruled by the mind is like a train: on rails, unable to deviate from the predetermined path. By letting our heart steer our ship, we will always find a way forward, regardless of how stormy the seas are.

Even if our belief appears to be in complete alignment with scripture or what a holy man says, the nature of language, and by extension the mind, creates a duality that separates us from the oneness of Spirit. This is something meditation teaches in spades. The act of meditating shows us that we are not our minds or our thoughts, and that these things exist to influence the way we perceive the world around us.

If you have faith in your heart and spirit, you do not need to rely on the restrictions of the mind and scripture. Upon liberating the spirit with a leap into faith, these things take on the appearance of tools, meant to guide those still wandering towards the light. But those who have gazed upon the divine have grasped the magic of faith. There is no map outside of the self, which has and always will have direct communion with Spirit. The map is within us, and our feelings are the guideposts which tell us when to go right and when to go left. All of the answers the seekers seek are in the heart, where unconditional love is birthed. Grasp it by letting go of fear, and let the intangible light of the divine reshape our beliefs to serve us to our full potential every day.






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