*Don’t Let the “WHAT IF” Get You!

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October 2014

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Once upon a time, a very creative little girl drew a picture of a woman with no arms.  She showed her picture to her mother and she specifically pointed out that the woman had no arms.  “I can see that.” her Mother said. “Where are her arms?” The little girl held up her pencil and said confidently, “They’re still in here.”

That little artist was seeing those arms with her “third eye”; her internal eye, where her power of imagination is centered.  Some people call it the eye that sees without seeing. Physically, our third eye is thought to be located right in the middle our forehead and if you think about it for a minute, when you are reaching for a new idea, don’t you place your fingers flat in the middle of your forehead and close your eyes to draw forth a clear picture of whatever it is you are attempting to create? It is a natural instinct to consult your third eye when what you are looking for isn’t yet clearly visible with your outer eyes.

All the great inventions of history began with a “What if . . .?” question to the third eye.  How old do you imagine Orville Wright was when he said to Wilbur, “What if . . . we could invent a machine that would allow us to fly?”  Or Ben Franklin said to his wife, “What if . . . I tied a key to the end of this kite string to see if I can bring the power of lightening down to my finger tips?”

When they were little boys, my husband used to play the What if . . .? game with his two sons, Johnny and Kenny.  What if . . . the house caught on fire?  Well, what if . . . Superman came and saved us?  Well what if . . . Superman’s cape caught on fire?  Well what if . . . he jumped in the swimming pool and put it out?  Yes, but what . . . if there was a shark in the pool with him?   When John would get tired of the game he’d ask them, “Yes, but What if . . . the “WHATIF” gets you?”   When you’re a kid, there’s always some adult around with a stunted imagination (or a limited amount of patience) to spoil your fun.

But you’re grown up now, and you’re free to play the What . . .if? game as long as you want to. It’s the perfect tool for increasing your level creativity and expanding your prosperity consciousness.

Ask yourself, What if . . . I had a million dollars?   Mentally spend a million dollars as fast as you can, (it really doesn’t take very long these days), and then ask, What if . . . I really had two million dollars, and then three and four and five and then fifty until you can’t think of another thing you’d like to buy or do or give away.

What if . . . I lived in a 2,000 sq ft. house, or a 3,000 sq. ft. house, or a 10,000 sq. ft. house, or a castle?

What if . . . I won an all expense paid trip to Paris, or to tour all of France, or to every country in Europe?  Or what if . . . I could go all around the world, or even to the moon?

Why not play the What . . . if? game to entertain yourself the next time you have to wait for someone?  By the time they finally arrive, you’ll be in a really fun mood, won’t you?

Just don’t let the “WHATIF” get you!

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