Door One or Door Two?

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© Guagui – Fotolia

The end of one year and the beginning of another is a great time to think about what’s not working in our lives and how we want to change it up going forward.

Not clear how to get started? Use your clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance, or “clear seeing”, isn’t the mystical process we’re lead to believe, but instead a disciplined process of using your sixth chakra, the seat of your intuition, to “see” that which is beyond the ability of your physical eyes to detect.

Most people don’t consider themselves to be clairvoyant simply because we are  taught not to be. Oftentimes, from a very young age, any intuitive information we tell our parents is invalidated as not being “real”, and so we close off this very natural ability to access information.

But that’s all it takes – permission.  As we give ourselves permission to see the unseen, as we validate our intuitive hits, we open our sixth chakra wider and wider.  The following exercise is a fun way to experiment with opening your third eye.

No Psychic Ability Required:  Door One or Door Two?

Oftentimes in life we are faced with an either/or;  yes/no type situation.  We dither back and forth, weighing the alternatives with our rational, analytical brain.  Sometimes though it’s best to step back from what we see with our eyes and go within – accessing the whispers of our intuition.

Here’s an exercise I teach and often use myself when I’m stuck between Option 1 and Option 2.

Pick something simple to start. Let’s say that one of the changes you’d like to make in 2015 is to start an exercise program, but you can’t decide between kickboxing and jazz.  You have pros and cons for each, yet you can’t make up your mind.

Take out a piece of paper and write the word kickboxing on one and jazz on the other.  Turn the pieces of paper upside down so you can’t see which is which and shuffle them around until you don’t know which is in your left hand and which is in your right.  Hold one in your left hand during the following meditation and the other in your right hand during the meditation

Now close your eyes and get into a meditative space. Be alone, no phones, no computers to interrupt your reflective time.  Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor.  Bring yourself into balance by grounding to the earth. This is an important step as you want to be sure that foreign energy (the thoughts and feelings of others) is not a factor in your choice. To ground, imagine a hollow tube of energy, one end attached to your hips, and the other end to the center of the earth. Through the force of gravity, intend for the grounding cord to sweep up all the energy not in alignment with your best and highest good, sending it out of your body, down to the center of the planet.

Breathe in and center.  Bring all your awareness to the center of your head.  Between your ears, behind your eyes, in the center of your head, is the middle of your sixth chakra, the home of your intuition. Breathe out and ground. Feel your body sink a little bit deeper into your chair. Breathe in and center, breath out and ground.  Repeat until you feel focused and calm.

Now imagine two doors in front of your closed eyes. See the door on the left with the word Door 1 standing out in nice graphics.  See the other door on the right with the word Door 2 in the same large graphic style.

Observe both doors – one on the left, one on the right.

Now, as you look at both doors, describe out loud to yourself each door. Get a good understanding of the qualities of both doors.  Decide which one is your choice – left Door 1 or right Door 2.

Now, come out of meditation. You’ve just used your intuition, your psychic ability, to listen to your internal wisdom.  Not outside voices or the shoulds of the world, but your sense of what is best for you.

Now, turn over the piece of paper in your hand that corresponds to your intuitive choice.  Is it the piece of paper in your left hand, representing Door 1, or the piece of paper in your right hand, representing Door 2?

What type of exercise program will you start this year?  Kickboxing or Jazz?

Finding answers to life’s big and small questions is all about checking in with your intuitive self.  Knowing deep within that you have the answers to what is best for you.

Congratulations!  You’re officially using your clairvoyant abilities.  Wasn’t that fun and easy?

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