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Change The Way You Look At Things

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Most people alive today operate from a place of fear. In fact, a lot of the social issues we are facing are caused by people acting on impulses generated by a perceived threat.  Everywhere you look you will see evidence of this. “We must go on the offensive before we are threatened” and “we are under attack by person X” is basically at the core of every issue we are facing.

Why are we doing this? – Evolutionarily speaking, it makes perfect sense why a species would develop reactions to threatening stimuli. It ensures our survival. Think about it, if you’re running around in the forest and hear a twig snap, your natural impulse is to assume the worst and run. Whether that twig was snapped by a bunny or a bear is irrelevant, you did the right thing in choosing to run. However, we no longer live in the wilderness; we no longer live under a constant threat to our physical safety. Is it really in our best interest to assume the worst of our environment and act on impulse? Does this characteristic still serve us?

What is happening? – Empathy is diminishing and trust is hard to come by. Now more than ever it seems we are at odds with ourselves. I mean this in a spiritual, political, and social sense. We have no compassion for anyone who may differ from us (either physically or in opinion). We have become slaves to our fear — we do not allow ourselves to follow our intuition to align with what our life purpose is. Rather, we stay confined to the predetermined, neatly arranged life path that everyone else expects to follow. We dig ourselves into ruts. We make decisions so far out of alignment that it’s no wonder we all walk around in constant pain and anguish. If you aren’t yet sold on shifting your mindset out of fear, answer me this: how can we align with what is “good” for us if we only make decisions based upon avoidance of what is “bad” for us? Under the law of attraction, it is literally impossible. What you focus on, you will create more of.

What should we do instead? – This area requires an amount of inner spiritual work. While I have come to accept that the majority of present day Americans have no interest in doing this, if you’re reading this blog, it means you’ve aligned with my frequency and therefore you are a match to what I am about to advise. I will preface this by saying I have, by no means, mastered all of this. It is a constant daily effort on my part to ensure I am living in alignment.

  1. Empathy– No matter where you are or what you are doing STOP. Stop moving, stop talking, stop thinking. Once you’ve stopped doing everything, bring your awareness to the last conflict you dealt with. Who was the “perpetrator” in this conflict? Was he/she acting from a place of fear? The answer is usually yes.
  2. Know your values– This concept was revolutionary to me a few years ago. After being raised in religion my opinion of morality was that it was concrete and predetermined by authority. It is not. Morality is subject to change based upon individuals, location, and date. What I find morally correct/incorrect as a woman in America in the year 2018 is vastly different from what was morally right/wrong according to a man in the early 1600s in China, for example. So, why does morality matter when it comes to acting out of fear? We are most likely to react out of fear when we are dealing with the unknown; when we are unsure of what the right thing to do is. The best way to make every decision is after a period of deep inner contemplation and after having arrived upon the best solution that aligns with your moral compass.
  3. Seek enlightenment– I do not mean sell all of your belongings and become a Buddhist monk — if that’s your calling great, but for many it is not. Most average Americans shy away from the word “enlightenment” because it comes across as facetious and non-experiential. When you seek enlightenment you are seeking to align with the collective and by doing so you will never be able to justify or participate in any activity that contradicts the greater good. In other words, once you reach a specific vibration, the notion of hating someone because you are scared of what they will do to you begins to feel more and more ludicrous.





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