Empowering Our Core

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Have you ever read or heard the term “engage your core?”  In the Fitness industry, this term has been used universally to assist people’s awareness of their stabilizer muscles.

Without proper kinesthetic connection to our own body, it’s not the easiest to understand.  With proper guidance from a fitness enthusiast, or our own hard work, the connection can be manifested.  It takes focus and awareness to become conscious of the muscles that support us.  Once the relationship is made, the core kinship is there to assist us in daily activities and we can start to build upon it.

Now suppose there is an understanding that we are all multi-dimensional?  If that is the case, we realize that we are more than just a physical body.  Where do our thoughts come from?  What is controlling the brilliance of breath that keeps us alive?  Once we ask important questions about our existence, we develop a unique relationship with ourselves.  We begin to unravel and discover our truth and become a little more open.  “Ask and it is given.”  If we remain open in thought, the answers will always be at our disposal.

For some people in today’s society, the weight of their physical body has become an obstacle in their life.  When referring to weight, it means either overweight or underweight in their thoughts.  Their own understanding and thought process is their reality.  Take an anorexic for example.  They look in the mirror and see a physical body that they “believe” and “think” is overweight.  The conversation they have with themselves on a daily basis is their reality.  The constant chatter overrides any openness to the beautiful spirit that they are.  The same goes for people who may be overweight.  The constant chatter of negative talk keeps them in their own head and resists the true spirit that they are.  The problem is not the weight, but the weight of the thoughts and conversations that take place in the mind.  What will it take to alchemize  those thoughts into pure enjoyment and happiness?

Pulling away at the layers of our psyche or body is an analysis used by many.  We can start asking ourselves some essential questions to get closer to the core.  The answers do not reside outside of us, but inside.  Sometimes we need the help of others to overcome obstacles, but when we remain open and start enjoying the company of our thoughts, we start discovering a new dimension of ourselves.  We start to build a relationship with our spirit.  Our thoughts can either be friends or foes.  Do they make you feel good, or feel bad?  If they feel bad, they change the cellular structure of your body and deplete the nourishment you deserve.  GET THE HECK OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND DO SOMETHING THAT BRINGS YOU JOY!  You can either feed your body with soul fueling thoughts, or soul depleting thoughts.  Begin to start telling yourself that your story can be changed any time.  You do not have to wait to start peeling away the layers to get to the source, YOU ARE SOURCE.  Flip the switch and send an electrical impulse to destroy the neural network that feeds the negative thoughts.  Crush that onion and say, “The heck with peeling, I’m DONE!”

We are so much more than our physical bodies.  What we see in the mirror is a reflection of our thoughts.  The visual simply makes it real to us so that we understand cerebrally.  Our brain can trick us into thought patterns depending on our reality.  Knowing that we are more than what we see in the mirror takes a shift in thinking.  There are many ways to help shift.  A great way is to quiet the mind.  It’s not the easiest to master, but with repetition and a desire to engage in the practice, it eventually becomes easier.  The longer we silence the mind, the better chance of starving off those thoughts that weigh us down mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  The same philosophy goes for the practice of working out.  Repetition and a desire for a stronger body eventually override the old framework and starts building with better materials.  Let go of the Wolf who threatens to Huff and Puff and blow the house down.  Create a house that will stand strong in the face of adversity in all aspects of life.

The Universe experiences life through us.  There is no mistake that we exist at this moment in time.  Choose to feed the Universe with empowering thoughts so that our co-existence creates harmony and strength.   Always remember that you are seen, you are known and you are loved.

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