Endless Possibilities

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Releasing the Should’s in Life


November 2019

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The screensaver on my phone is of a spiraling galaxy in space. I keep it there to remind me that there are endless possibilities available to each us. Every dot, a star, each star a possibility; mind-blowing when you think about it. How does this fit with the possibilities available for us here on Earth? If we can look up at the night sky and see infinite possibilities light years away, then it may be easy for us to look at our lives and see the limitless possibilities before us.

One of the things that may limit our possibilities is our own self-doubt. Doubt can stop our train of desire in its tracks. We have all experienced doubt hampering our ability to accomplish certain tasks. Where does this doubt come from? When we were children we believed that we could, and would do whatever our hearts desired. Ask any child what they want to do for a living and you will hear, “Doctor, Astronaut, Fireman, President.”

What happens between childhood and adulthood? In truth, we begin to listen to those around us. They tell us we can’t do that, or we are not smart enough, even something as powerful as, that is not a job for you. This is the foundation of our lifelong relationship with doubt.

What we fail to realize is that these opinions may be true for the person speaking them, but they may not be for us. This can place us in a challenging situation. We want to accomplish great things, but those around us are expressing their doubt. Oftentimes we take on this doubt as our own doubt. What if we were to ignore the opinions of those around us, and release our ability to doubt ourselves? Picture the possibilities.

It’s hard to imagine life today without people who ignored their doubt, and the doubt of those around them. Look around you, what do you see? Everything was a possibility at one time, and now here it is, in the physical world.

My grandmother took a steamship across the Atlantic to visit family in the early 1900s. This was the only way to Europe at the time. Unknown to the people on the ship, was that within one hundred years we would be flying across the Atlantic in relative comfort – having a cocktail and watching a movie. This is after mankind visited the moon, of course.

At some point we must silence our voice of doubt, and move forward with what we know is true for ourselves. For me, this truth is unlimited possibilities.

You may be saying it’s not that easy, and there are many obstacles that will block our progress. This may be true, but at some point these obstacles must be pushed aside so progress can be made. What if we were to see the obstacle as a chance to fine tune our desire? Maybe we were moving too fast, and the roadblock gives us a chance to refocus. Just because we couldn’t find a way around the roadblock today, doesn’t mean the roadblock will stop us tomorrow. There were many obstacles between the early 1900s and today, but they were overcome by people who were focused, trusted their instincts, and refused to listen to the voice of doubt.

What desire is within you that you doubt, or that you are afraid of trying and accomplishing? Rather than thinking of the chance for failure, refocus on the possibility of success. Train yourself to see failure as gaining more knowledge when it comes to your desire. How many light bulbs did Thomas Edison create before he made one that worked? With each failure came new wisdom that helped him create a better version of the light bulb. If he listened to his voice of doubt, we might be reading this by candlelight.

Whether it is creating a new item that will make life easier for millions of people, or sitting down at the kitchen table to write a children’s book, the possibilities are truly endless, if we have the courage to silence our doubt, and focus on the unlimited possibilities that are there for us.









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