Energy Healers: More Than a New Trend

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© Nikki Zalewski -

© Nikki Zalewski –

Young, middle class women are now working with Reiki healers and shamans, to name just a few kinds of today’s energy healers. I recently read an article[i] that asked the following question: “Are energy healers the new trend?” It establishes that fashion brand consultants, makeup artists and luxury travel experts were “ditching” their therapists for energy workers. There is a great need for energy healers in our time. We are in need of a healing that encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual yearnings of our society. So it’s no surprise that executives, journalists, artists and famous entertainers are reaching out to today’s shamans and energy workers.

In ancient societies, the role of the healer or shaman was clearly defined. She was the herbalist, bone setter, psychologist, and spiritual leader. Her role was supported by their communities. In today’s society, the shaman’s role is the same. Our mainstream society no longer has tribes and clans in which the role of the shaman is understood. So where do we go to find this kind of healing?

I’m not sure you should ditch your therapist for an energy healer. There are many good therapists who can take you far on your journey.[ii] However, there is a point where spiritual concerns and concepts pop up and if your therapist is not willing to go there with you, it might be important to find spiritual guidance.

There are meet-up groups, magazines, and schools that are bringing the energy healer’s message to the general public. In particular, there is a resurgence of the shaman. There are documentaries, articles, and websites devoted to the practice and understanding of this ancient traditional healing method. Here are some recommendations: Healing the Luminous Body: The Way of the Shaman , The Horse Boy, and Awakening Spirits. Healing the Luminous Body is an instructional DVD about the outer layers of the human body, sometimes called the aura. The movie features Alberto Villoldo, a contemporary Shaman trained by the Peruvian masters of South America. The Horse Boy is a documentary about a father’s journey to cure his son of autism. He takes his family to Mongolia in search of a Shaman who will heal him. Awakening Spirits[iii] written by Tom Brown Jr. introduces you to the Sacred Silence and communication with nature and spirits.

Many seekers are looking for and some have found, the road they wish to travel. Others are already deep into their journey and are looking for the next step. In the Shamanic tradition this could be a small step that takes us on a deeper journey within. Then, that inner journey takes us to the quest for our vision. With some guidance and love we can find and clarify our deepest purpose(s) in life. This allows us an opening to live our vision. We are moving through a new awakening of spirit that calls us all to move toward a new place in the cosmos.

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[ii] “Transpersonal psychologists attempt to integrate timeless wisdom with modern Western psychology and translate spiritual principles into scientifically grounded, contemporary language. Transpersonal psychology addresses the full spectrum of human psychospiritual development — from our deepest wounds and needs, to the existential crisis of the human being, to the most transcendent capacities of our consciousness.” (Caplan, 2009).

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