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What Do You Choose to Focus On ?

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Life has arranged itself in such a way that each new day brings ample inspiration to have an (even) better day than yesterday. But it’s not uncommon for us to miss the opportunities our inspiration provides cause often we don’t find the space in our lives to let it in. For many, the beginning of a new year is a window where we allow ourselves to leave behind what no longer serves us and where we set our sights on what we desire.

Though I’d say it is our birthright to do this whenever the moment calls for it, I also realize many people’s lives are so full of hectics and things to do, it doesn’t always work out that way.  This is why New Year’s can be a great time for reflection and resetting.

As I sit in front of my window and watch the year’s last leaves fall from the trees, I once again realize there are many things in my life as pleasant as this simple moment of witnessing the foliage elegantly twirling its way to the ground, guided only by a modest ray of sunshine.

A desire for change is inherent to being alive. I certainly experience it within myself too. But lately I find it is not what I mostly want to focus on. Instead, an appreciation for the many things in my life that aren’t in need of any change is making its way to the foreground of my attention. By no means have I forgotten about my dreams. Nor have I stopped taking action in the direction of them.

But the fuel for my actions is starting to flow from a different source.

This means I don’t look at the beginning of this year as an opportunity to radically shift my circumstances or habits. I see it as a reminder to expand everything that has been working well.  Life will always take it upon itself to elaborate on any feelings of appreciation we have. Thus it effortlessly moves us in the general direction we want to head in. I personally discovered this truth by noticing how unhappy I was when I overly focused on trying to change my life as well as myself.

With a slight headache from hitting a decent amount of walls, I thought at least for a while I would leave the decision making up to something more laid back than my own strong will. This gave me a lot of free time to notice all that was going well for me. My organs and limbs were functioning nicely.  My food supply on any given day could certainly be called abundant by many standards. The ducks in the park regularly put on a great show for me by diving for food under water with their big duck butts still bobbing above the surface, trying not to crash into any other butts. Meanwhile it wasn’t raining every day and on average people were being very nice to me.

In other words; I seemed to already be in a great place for attracting goodness into my life.

These days I’m hardly surprised to find life’s friendly gestures hiding everywhere in plain sight. For sure I tripped over a number of them while I was still rushing to get elsewhere.

The easiest thing is to find them in nature, where even the greatest lack of organization exposes itself as perfect harmony. Its effortless equilibrium makes it clear to see we really don’t need much in life to be happy.

But life’s nudges of encouragement equally come in the form of the bus arriving at your stop with the same amount of tardiness as you. As though the traffic lights along the route made a pact to get you on that bus. Even if it meant for them, and the people waiting in front of them, to see red most of the journey.

Lately it has been impossible for me to go grocery shopping without finding exactly what I had a craving for to be on sale. No matter how exotic my desires for food, the universe seems determined to serve my every need.

If I dare to let it support me, it is obvious life has my back. Realizing this has enhanced my ability to forgo unnecessary interference. Instead I try to take what it offers me and let it guide me right to my dreams. This is exactly what I see myself doing more and more this year. The ease and comfort that it brings is something I wish for everybody to experience.  And the beauty is, we can safely put aside any new year’s resolutions that feel like even more work than we had last year.





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