The Extra-Ordinary Wisdom of Dreams

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The Lesson’s in Your Dreams

Do you dream when you sleep?  Do dreams have meaning?  Can dreams save lives?

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Everyone dreams.  Many don’t believe they do or don’t realize the value of dreams.  Some people believe dreams are merely great party conversation.  I’ve learned a lot from my dreams and believe they provide important guidance from my soul.  The messages are sent through images – a picture language that’s universal so the symbols apply to all of us.

Every dream is about the dreamer; meaning every person, place or thing in a dream represents an aspect of the dreamer.  Since I’m a woman, when I have a man in my dream, he represents an aggressive part of my inner mind; while a woman in my dream represents a receptive part of my waking mind.  If I recognize that person, I think of the first quality about them that comes to mind.  That quality tells me how I’ve been showing up in my life – joyful, grumpy, a leader, overbearing, a healer, etc.  If the person is a stranger, I’m beginning to notice an unknown aspect of myself (maybe I’m developing stronger intuition or better expressing myself).

Many of us are taught from a young age that nightmares aren’t real so we decide dreams aren’t either.  As a parent, I told my son not to worry when he woke up scared or confused because I wanted him to feel safe.  If I had had a better understanding about dreams, I could have learned more about what he was experiencing at the time.  When children are very young and receptive, their dreams or nightmares may reflect their parents’ stress or fears.  As they grow older, their dreams often give clues of their insecurity, ego development, or their confusion as they’re exposed to new people and new situations.  The subconscious mind uses shocking images to get our attention.  It’s not really a monster, it’s an unknown aspect of ourselves from our imagined fear because we’re afraid to admit we don’t know something.

We can have an experience in our waking life that we don’t completely understand or may not remember and, within 24-48 hours, a dream may help us to see the whole picture. A dream can impart invaluable information that we might have missed or help us to see something from a different perspective.  Dreams provide meaning and context to what we experience every day while giving us a glimpse of what is possible.

Dream Journals provide a place to record dreams and their interpretation.  Sometimes it’s easy to understand what the message is and other times we need to ask for help.  I often consult “The Dreamer’s Dictionary” by Dr. Barbara Condron.  I have submitted dreams for interpretation online at and there is a link to weekly dream webinars.  Also, you can have a dream interpreted at no charge by calling 314.645.0036 or 417.345.8411 during this year’s 30th Annual National Dream Hotline (always the last weekend of April).  It will take place from 5pm on April 27th through midnight on April 29th. The School of Metaphysics is a not-for-profit educational organization that has studied dreams since the 1970’s.

There are many types of dreams including visitation or prognostic dreams.  Those dreams may also be interpreted through symbols to provide deeper meaning.  Recurring dreams are messages that are not getting through to us so they’ll continue to appear until we do something differently.  And, yes, dreams can literally save your life!  It was recently reported that a husband whose wife was critically injured during the Las Vegas shooting on October 1, 2017 says she visited him in a dream and told him everything would be okay. He listened to his instincts which told him it was real then told the doctors he wasn’t ready to disconnect her from life support.  She woke up from the coma 18 days after the attack and months later, she miraculously headed home from the hospital! (see

The most important step after you interpret a dream is to do something with it.  You’ll become more aware of learning opportunities around you which is important for Self-discovery.   I am reminded in my dreams when I’m not taking good care of myself.  I’ve dreamed of cars (which can represent the physical body) that run out of gas; or cars that someone else is driving which I see as me not taking charge of my life (in this case the car is the vehicle I use to move through life – with someone else in the driver’s seat!).  As soon as I begin eating more nutritious food and getting more sleep, my dreams change.

If you are interested in your spiritual growth and personal development, understanding and applying your dreams is a critical tool to accelerate your learning!





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