February 2015- Effective Goal Setting

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February 2015 Conscious Shift Magazine
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Conscious Shift Magazine 

Welcome to Conscious Shift Magazine February 2015


Last month we talked about living inspired rather than making a momentary resolution.   This month we are taking on goals because; living inspired doesn’t happen over night it takes some planning and effective goal setting.

The first thing to remember about goal setting is that it takes time and planning, they are no different than anything else in life.  You cannot set a goal today and wake up tomorrow expecting it to be achieved any more than you could expect to be an Olympic gold medalist in swimming when you have never been in a swimming pool.

Achieving and setting goals requires patience’s, practice, and the understanding that life is not a sit-com.  All things are not created, worked thru and solved with a happy ending in 30 minutes.The key to successful goal setting is that you have to plan, be as clear and detailed as possible.  Be brave enough to ask yourself the serious questions:

What do I choose?

Where do I choose to go?

Is this what I really choose?

And most importantly…What do I do once I get there?

You can do it! This is your year to live inspired and to set goals that will get you where you choose to go. Give it a try there is magic in this process and what do you have to loose? Nothing! It’s just another venture down the rabbit hole of possibility.



Even Neo is ready to take action with his goals. He understands it may take him all day to move that ball and he will stay focused until…I shake the snack bag.

 I recently had the pleasure of  having a Conscious conversation with Janet Lee Stinson. Artist, activist, and educator Janet Lee has made a life out of uplifting others and teaching them how to be the change they wish to see in the world.
Conscious about books…More new ideas taking root
Conscious Shift now offers books for your review. When looking for books that areinspirational, uplifting and educational, look no further we got you covered. Starting this month you will get bi-weekly emails with featured writers from our book section.
Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility. 

Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern


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