February 2016-Getting Conscious About Fitness

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Getting Conscious about fitness is more than a workout or counting calories.

February 2016- Conscious Shift Magazine.
Welcome to the February 2016 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine as we get Conscious about fitness.

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Fitness is a big word and it can imply many things. I find it interesting how easy it is to relate fitness to how much you weigh or how much you wished you weighed. Or to think of fitness in terms of spending numerous hours a week in the gym.  I also find it interesting that a simple conversation about fitness is hard for a lot of people.

Well let me put your mind to rest.  Conscious fitness is not about judgement, the number on the scale, going to the gym or keeping count on your fitbit. Conscious fitness and being Conscious about fitness can be those things, yet it’s much more.

Getting Conscious about fitness is more about finding your own personal in-between and then riding the wave of fitness bliss.  Yes I said fitness bliss….

When you think about fitness most likely you are not thinking about the whole you. Remember you are a body, a mind, a soul and beyond.  So to think that fitness is just a body thing leaves you with a very small view of a very large picture.

To be fit, the kind of fitness that radiates from your soul,  requires living balanced, having mental clarity, engaging in healthy physical movement, and a strong and loving sense of self worth.

I know I’ve said it before and I will say it again if you don’t go with in you go with out. When it comes to fitness this is the key to the fitness kingdom.  This is where you will find the best fitness plan on earth.

Going with in to find your Conscious and Shifting version of fitness will require you to get clear and focused. You will need to balance, clear the mind chatter and then determine what navigating your in-between feels and looks like.

The truth of the matter is that most people won’t make the journey to getting Conscious about their fitness.  Why? Because it’s harder to go with in than it is to pay a monthly gym membership or following a diet. After all paying that membership fee doesn’t hold you accountable like a good look in the mirror will.

I know it sounds harsh but make no mistakes you are worth it. You deserve that Conscious conversation with you about how fit you deserve to be.  So go with in find your fitness bliss and you will never go with out.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Tracey R Kern


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