Feng Shui for Christmas

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Feng Shui is the Ancient Chinese Art of Placement. It is a practice that is over 3,000 years old and is born out of the Living Wisdom of the Tao Te Ching. In those 3,000 years, hundreds of thousands of people have applied the Principles of Feng Shui in as many ways and hundreds of books have been written about how Feng Shui can and should be practiced. For expediency, and because it is a way that I know works without fail, this article references the work of Terah Kathryn Collins and her book titled The Western Guide to Feng Shui.

fotolia © Romolo Tavani

fotolia © Romolo Tavani

Many people are intrigued by the idea of the practice of Feng Shui but are a bit timid about getting started. And so the Christmas season, when your living and working spaces are likely to be somewhat disrupted anyway, can be an ideal time to gently introduce this fun and productive practice into your life experience.

Here’s how it works:


The Bagua

Each living space that you wish to balance is divided into 9 equal spaces. It is believed that certain vital energies gather in each designated area and can be drawn forth even more potently by enhancing the space physically and with your Spiritual attention.

To determine where these spaces are in any given room, stand at the doorway or entrance to that room through which you enter it most frequently and hold the Bagua map in front of you. Look across the room to the far left and identify the space that would be enhanced with purple energy. Then work your way around the room, using the map as a guide, to see which areas represent which energy.

There are many ways you can draw greater energy, (called Chi – pronounced Chee), to the various areas in any room, but for this “Feng Shui for Christmas” exercise, we suggest you use color as your tool.

For example: The Purple Section in the far, left hand corner of the room represents Wealth and Prosperity. To increase the level of prosperity in your life, add something small and purple to that corner of the room. It doesn’t have to be intrusive. It is only there to remind you to acknowledge that having wealth and prosperity in your life is essential to your life’s balance and that you are grateful for all the wealth and prosperity you have and ever will have.

An appropriate purple item to add into your Wealth and Prosperity area might be a small purple Christmas ornament, or a little dish or jar filled with purple wrapped candy, a purple throw or a throw pillow, a small purple candle, a framed picture with a predominantly purple theme, a book with a purple cover or a purple plant or flower. Even a small package wrapped in purple paper or tied with a purple bow will work, especially if you place a prosperity affirmation in the box before you wrap it. (Only you will know.)

Then follow the map around the room and add an appropriately colored item in each area of your room and notice how the room takes on a feeling of peace, and harmony and balance as you do. It is very seldom necessary to buy anything new. Most households already have the perfect item in the proper colors somewhere that will please you to no end when you find it.

December 2015

The center square represents Spirit or Source, from which all other energies emanate. To increase the Spiritual energy in the room, place a small gold or yellow object in that center space.

The Red Section represents Fame and Recognition. To enhance your level of Self Esteem, place things there that are colored red, such as Christmas stockings or a lovely poinsettia.

The Pink Section represents your Personal Relationships. To draw more energy to your personal relationships, place objects in this section that are pink, and to add oomph – choose objects that come in pairs.

The White Section will draw energy to help you develop any creative talent you have more fully. A good choice here might be a snow globe or a white angel.

The Gray Section represents helpful people. To draw more helpful people into your life, place a soft grey object in this area, possibly a scarf or throw.

The Black Section represents your career. To energize this area, place items that are shiny black in this vital space.

The Blue Section represents your Spiritual Growth. To achieve more Spiritual Balance, add items in a vibrant blue color.

The Green Section represents Health and Well-Being. Items that draw energy to this section are bright green. This is a nice place for a wreath or Christmas cactus, or the Christmas tree if it fits.

Feng Shui Tips:

Less is More – declutter, declutter, declutter – for every object you add, subtract another.

Balance – objects placed in a room should be balanced – dark and light, tall and short, heavy and light, soft and hard, smooth and rough

Movement – the path of the Chi must be clear and uncluttered. Items that move or have the potential to move are important to Feng Shui – wind chimes, bells, water features, mobiles, musical instruments, animals and people.

Joy- Feng Shui is a joyful practice that will open greater possibilities for a Merry Christmas for you, your family and guests than you can imagine.

Just try it – you’re in for a lovely, happy holiday surprise.

Collins, T.K.  (1996).  The Western Guide to Feng Shui. California: Hay House, Inc.


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