Finding Peace By Facing Your Fear

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Slaying The Dragon


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“The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it, is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free.”  ~  Oprah Winfrey

When was the last time you saw a dragon? Other than in a movie, you may say, never. Think again; we all have a few dragons in our lives. Our dragons can come to us in many different sizes and shapes. Some show up in the form of our most challenging relationships. Others may reveal themselves by means of a physical or health challenge—and yet others by means of our financial affairs. Irrespective of their point of origin, it is wise to remember that, as in all dragon fairy tales, we each have the power to tame the beast—but there is something we must do first.

The tendency is to withdraw, don our armor, prepare for battle, or simply run away and hide. There is great power in knowing that our greatest weapon of “choice” is our next thought. What shall that thought be? Will we react to, or respond to, the intimidating roar of our dragon? Choose your weapon wisely because most dragons don’t scare easily, nor should they…and that is actually the good news. Why? Because our dragons have something they want to tell us and they are very dedicated to getting the message through to us. Dragons can talk; they are mystical messengers from a different realm of mind and they don’t reveal themselves to us to scare us but to get our attention; to teach us something important IF we are willing to listen and learn.

The next time the dragon shows up as a challenge in some area of your life, rather than running from it or putting on your armor, consider standing your ground and asking it what message it brings—and listen intently. You may learn exactly what you need to know to be the hero in the story your own life.

Peace, Dennis

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