Finding Stability in Changing Time

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The Gabriel Messages from Shanta Gabriel


The Inner Spirit working outward in your life is the only place to find stability in these changing times.

June 2021

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It is a time of growth and renewal, a time for breakthroughs into new perceptions of reality for each of us individually. We are in the process of creating the world that responds to the prayers of millions of heart-centered people. It is a time that has never been experienced on Earth and is jam-packed with awesome potential.

In past centuries, only a few people would have the consciousness to experience their divinity within the human form. Now, all of humanity has that potential. We are moving and creating our lives within the power of Divine Light.

This allows us each to access pure alignment to the Source of All That Is.

For me, the answer to almost all of my biggest questions has become Alignment with the Divine Spirit working within me. In fact, the exercise to bring Heaven to Earth through my body was the first process Archangel Gabriel gave me when we began our interaction in 1990. (You can download the practice from my free resources section here.)

Creating Alignment within my body with my most Divine Essence is my main focus not only in my life, but in all that I share in my classes. The Alignment exercise is based on teachings from India that have been working for thousands of years to purify our hearts and transform our lives. When I was given this alignment from Archangel Gabriel, it felt like it fit. When we feel that our personal life is not working as we would like, we can use these deceptively simple techniques to make a vast difference in our happiness and well-being. This is what I teach in all my classes and private sessions.

We are on the Earth during this massive time of change because we chose to be here now to fulfill the prompting of our Soul, and to join with millions of others in bringing greater Harmony into all life on the planet. This was a courageous and precious choice. No matter what it may look like, the Heavens are rejoicing in the progress we have already made. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for.




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