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fotolia© Sergey Nivens

fotolia© Sergey Nivens

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you’ve already had an experience of spiritual connection.  You just may not have recognized it.

Spirituality is becoming a hot topic these days.  It’s seems like the more uncertainty the 21st century brings our way, the more we’re seeking peace and deeper meaning in the midst of it all.  So the big question is, what does it mean to be spiritually connected?  And better yet, how can you make it happen?

The first question is easy to answer.  A spiritual connection is the experience of God, the Divine, the Life Force, or whatever else you want to call our Creator.  Once you experience it, you will remember it forever. Furthermore, your life will be permanently transformed (for the better).  For some, it may be a brilliant moment of clarity, awakening or luminescence.  It may result from a mind boggling internal experience, a deep connection with Nature, or an interaction with another person.

Whatever it is, you will never be the same again.  From then on, your channels will be open to deepen that connection for the rest of your life.  However, it’s important to note that it’s an experience.  It’s not a belief, a thought, an ideology, or a concept.  It’s a sensory perception inside of yourself, like feelings of peace, movement, love or gentle electricity. It’s personal, it’s life affirming, and it’s unforgettable.

This leads us to the second question.  How can you make it happen?  Truth be told, you can’t.  Spiritual connection is a gift, driven by Divine timing and grace.  It happens when it happens.  Maybe the stars need to be lined up just right.  Maybe you need to be at a certain level of development.  Maybe you need to meet the right person.  Maybe you need to be in the right setting.  Maybe you need a specific event to happen.  Whatever the circumstances, it’s out of your control.

That’s a bummer.  So what do you do?

Since you can’t make it happen, the only thing you can do is to prepare yourself for its inevitability.  After all, the Divine isn’t stingy with these sorts of things.  The best place to start is with desire, straight from the heart.  Sincere, heart-felt pining for a spiritual connection will send out a rippling vibration, calling your Maker to your door.

fotolia© rudall30

fotolia© rudall30

Then, it’s time to learn how to meditate.  Meditation, or deep relaxation, opens the doors to another world.  When you open your soul to that level and depth and being, God will find you sooner or later.  Because in the depth of peace and stillness is where God hides.

However, at this point I need to interject a disclaimer.  As you yearn in earnestness for your Creator, everything that is not in alignment with that connection will bubble up to the surface.  Most of it will arise in the form of emotion that’s been suppressed inside…from somewhere in your past.  Rage, depression, arrogance, fear, hatred, jealousy, stress, insecurity, resistance.  Sooner or later, if you continue on a spiritual path, all that refuse will have to go.  And for most of us, letting go of that entrenched crap can be a difficult experience, indeed.  However, it’s a compulsory task in the game of soul evolution.  Every ascended master who has ever set foot on this planet has had to master their own internal world. But don’t lose heart, there are plenty of people like me to help you through the process.

Furthermore, as you wait, desire, heal, and meditate for your awakening, your day will come.  It will be a moment of no return.  From that day forth, you will bask in your own golden radiance.  Then, you will turn to others, to help them do the same.

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