April 2017- Speaking Your Truth

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Speaking Your Truth with Conscious Shift Magazine

Welcome to the April 2017 Edition of Conscious Shift Magazine. This month we venture down the rabbit hole of possibility with a conversation about Speaking Your Truth.

fotolia © adam121

fotolia © adam121

What does it mean to speak your truth? Letting everyone in the room know your opinion on every topic? Maybe it’s about telling every person you meet how to do something and then backing it up with examples of your personal experience? If you think this is speaking your truth then you may not want to read what I have to say, because the speaking of truth to which I am referring is about speaking in a way that empowers you to live peacefully and joyfully.

It has been my experience that speaking your truth is about stepping into and expressing possibility, humility, compassion, pure joy, and sometimes heartache and pain. Speaking your truth is not about spewing toxic rhetoric, talking over everyone in the room, or dominating the entire conversation. Speaking your truth is completely different because it’s about being brave and real.

Speaking your truth requires you to do a few things. First you have to be brave, humble, and sometimes silent. You have to own your thoughts because your mind can chatter your speaking voice into silence.

Second, you have to go within and trust what you find. This is hard because we are our own worst critics and oftentimes refuse to see our beauty and embrace our strength.

Third, you have to be brave. We have to trust that when we align with our truth we tap into the depth of our soul’s communication. We then have to know that that communication is valid, compassionate, and worth speaking because it is who we really are.

Speaking your truth is not always easy nor is it always fun. Sometimes it requires you to deliver a tough or unpopular message. But I promise you this, speaking your truth always feels better in the end as compared to spewing toxicity or telling a lie to avoid an uncomfortable moment.

Speaking the truth, your truth, is better than burying emotions that later turn into disease. If speaking your truth feels like you are jumping off a cliff remember this…you were born to fly.

Life is short. What are you waiting for? Speak Your Truth and start flying today.

This is Conscious Shifting.


Peace & Joy,

Tracey R. Kern


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