Fit Thoughts = Fit Actions = Fit Bodies. It’s Possible

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© DragonImages – Fotolia

Is it possible to cultivate fit thoughts, actions, and bodies? YES. I’m not saying it doesn’t take discipline and focus, but it’s POSSIBLE.

And to direct ourselves down the fit path, we need only to add ONE question to our daily lives. Here it is: Does this serve me? In other words: Does this work for me? Or in my personal terminology: Does this reveal my beautiful energy? Our beautiful energy is our peace and overall well-being.

Thoughts-“Ugh, sh—. Why’d I say that? She must think I’m SO stupid. I’m stupid!” Would this thought serve you? Not at all. One, you’re not stupid. Two, she probably didn’t even notice. We’re all so into our own lives that we’re not monitoring every single comment. (Sorry, if you are monitoring everyone’s every single comment— What’s that saying? Get a life.)

When we inevitably experience a negative thought about ourselves, we may ask ourselves, Does this thought serve me? If the answer is no we may purposely create helpful thoughts instead.

For example, is the thought, “I never have time to exercise” helpful? How about the thought: “Any amount of exercise counts. 10 minutes is a workout”.

In this example, we see how our thought may influence our actions.

Twenty years ago when I was flying around the world modeling there weren’t always gyms in the hotels. Also, I didn’t have a mobile device to follow exercise videos on YouTube in the hotel room. Often I would put on my sneakers and jog up and down the stairwells. On many locations I would venture for a walk, but if I didn’t want to journey outside, the stairwells offered me a decent workout. Ten minutes of stairs is a workout. Once I began, I often exercised longer.

Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Ratey wrote, “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning” and he continues that “Even 10 minutes of activity changes your brain”. I interpret that as— Even 10 minutes of exercise boosts my happiness and it doesn’t hurt how I look in my jeans.

Actions- Does this action serve?

It’s okay to relax too (not just do stairs). Every action isn’t obliged to be on our Be Perfect/Achieve list! Watching a much loved movie in your jammies may be just what you need to replenish your beautiful energy.

Bodies- Does this serve me?

We talked about exercise, now let’s talk about food. Foods we eat either nourish us, comfort us, or harm us. Or some combination thereof.

Take a deep breath with me… I invite you to allow your body to hear what I am about to say. It’s okay to comfort yourself once in a while with food. It’s okay to eat personal comfort food. Once we give ourselves permission, then we can consciously choose when we enjoy a comfort food, such as macaroni and cheese or ice cream, and also how much of it we choose to eat. (Thereby receiving the comfort, not a belly ache.)

Or does this sound familiar?  You’re tired, maybe your child woke you up several times last night. Of course, I have NOOO personal experience with this. (If you could see me, I’m rolling my eyes.) So, you’re tired. I don’t know about you, but this is when I desire comfort food. And you think, “I could go for ice cream. Its creamy coldness would be so yummy right now. Ahh.”  Then Bam! You think, “Stop that! It’s Tuesday afternoon. Not a time for a treat. You’ve gotta look perfect tomorrow at your presentation. No, no, no, no, NO.”

You proceed to eat a bowl of cereal with skim milk. Followed by a banana with peanut butter. Next, just one spoonful of that forbidden ice cream, two spoonfuls, three spoonfuls… the ENTIRE pint.

Here is where the gentle question would have come in handy. (Okay, okay… I may have a little experience with this!) Will this food enhance my beautiful energy? It could have gone like this, “I want a creamy, cold treat. Would that serve me now? Actually it would. I’ll scoop some in a bowl, take it on the porch and enjoy it.” In the second example, we can consciously decide (or not) to savor the treat, knowing we are comforting ourselves instead of mindlessly scarfing the ice cream down.

Subsequently, there are times when the question, Does this treat serve me? reveals a “Nope.”

Does this, right here and right now, lead me to fit thoughts, actions and body? Every moment is different. You know what is best for you!

For our Beautiful Energy exercise we will take our cue from Proverbs 3:15 which says, “She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Read out loud, “I’m more precious than jewels.” It’s POSSIBLE to gently guide ourselves to Fitter Thoughts, Fitter Actions, Fitter Bodies!

Love, Susan

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