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© Rasulov –

Do you remember hearing the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”?  The other day a doctor told me to eat two green apples a day, and it started me thinking about the whole holistic way of life that keeps coming into my current awareness.  Any integrative medical practitioner will tell you that the key to well-being is proper sleep, proper nutrition and proper exercise or movement.  The theory that it’s all connected seems to fit right in with all I have been researching these days.

It seems like that all of a sudden when you become aware of something different that the universe starts throwing things at you to provide evidence that you need to pay attention to it.  Sometimes it smacks you right over the head, and sometimes it’s a little more subtle.  I’m the kind of person who has to hear something three times before it sinks into my stubborn head.  Not more than a week later after the advice about eating apples, I was sitting in my new dentist’s office.  I was reading the literature they gave me, and saw the exact same holistic advice for a second time.  I saw instructions on getting the proper sleep, getting the proper nutrition, and promoting exercise and movement.  These three things would promote healthier teeth and gums.  Well, it is all connected, right?

It seems intuitive now, but I guess I never really gave it that much thought before.  I even have the book on my bookshelf called Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal, but have I cracked it open?  Of course not.  I think we get so caught up in daily life with so many things going on that we really don’t make conscious decisions about what we put in our mouths.  Face it – if we are not eating right, then we don’t sleep right, and then we are too tired to exercise.  It all becomes a vicious cycle.  The biggest thing we can control is making better choices about what we eat.  Awareness – Choice – Practice – Repeat!

There is so much information out there on the FDA, GMO’s and non-GMO’s, eating raw, gluten-free diets and the like.  It gets more and more confusing every day.  I have friends who are vegan, friends who eat only raw foods, friends who eat gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, etc.  To me it should be as simple as going to Starbucks and ordering a black coffee.  I did that recently and the person behind the counter appeared to look at me cross-eyed.  Now if I would have ordered a Grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte it would have been normal and I wouldn’t have gotten that look.  Food is just not that easy anymore!

I’m certainly not a nutritionist, but I do pay attention to what my clients tell me when I am decluttering them, especially when we are in their pantry or kitchen.  They tell me stories about dealing with depression, different gastrointestinal disorders, mood swings, and the fact that they are tired of going to the doctor and getting one prescription after another to treat their symptoms.  Most of them have researched how their diet is affecting them and have made huge changes around their nutrition and what they are eating.  The doctor who told me to eat two apples a day also told me to focus on eating what my grandma used to eat.  Now that right there is some food for thought!




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