Food Frenzies Interrupted

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Electric Shock

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Have you ever stopped to think about your emotional involvement with food?  Most of how we operate and react to the world is on a subconscious level.  We do things without thinking.  What would happen if we stopped ourselves when we were about to eat something and ask ourselves in that moment why?  “Am I hungry or am I just having something because (you fill in the blank).”

I have been a slave to my emotional eating for years, and quite frankly I am proud to say that I am getting better.   In those precious moments, of what I call frenzy, I was reaching for things to satisfy my own self destructive habits.  These habits were formed at a younger age due to my own coping mechanisms at that time.  Habits are hard to break when we have operated on them for decades.

Thankfully with the shift in global consciousness, things are evolving gracefully into beauty and love for ourselves and others.   Endless amounts of information regarding the power of our own minds have opened up our own belief systems.  We are in charge of our life and thoughts.  We are born onto this earth to live with passion and love for the life that we create.  We can create miracles every day with a shift in our perception and reactions.  We just have to allow ourselves to think differently.

In the example of emotional eating, there are ways to stop yourself from the past habitual patterns.  One is to start talking out loud.  Ask yourself “why am I eating at this moment?”  When you talk out loud and hear your voice, you get out of your own head.   The situation becomes real.  You have a few choices at this point.  You can ignore your own question, or you can decide to answer it.  Start a dialogue at that moment in time.  If you get a good dialogue going between you and yourself, you can make real headway in clarifying your thoughts and even lifting your mood.  This new practice of answering your own questions may be the opening into self-compassion.  Talking out loud is a great way for your conscious brain to communicate with your subconscious.

A second way to stop the habitual pattern would be to do something really crazy.  Years ago when I listened to the wise and passionate Tony Robbins on tape, he mentioned that, in those frenzied moments of destructive behaviour, do something so crazy that it stops the moment.  Start jumping up and down and make monkey noises, or start dancing on the spot.  This behaviour stops the thought pattern.  I’ve done it and it actually made me laugh.  It was enough to take me out of the moment for the time being.

You may have to apply these 2, 3 or perhaps 20 times a day, but don’t give up.  Give in to the possibility that you may be rewiring your negative habits into something new and glorious.  You are worth the time and energy it takes to form your new thought patterns.  You may as well have a little fun with it.  The next frenzied moment you have, do something crazy because crazy is the new sane.





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