Astrology: Freedom from Within

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Freedom to Connect and Express


fotolia © Sergey Nivens

fotolia © Sergey Nivens

On the Fourth of July in the United States, we celebrate our independence and freedom as a country. But the current landscape (or starscape) and culture of our times requires us to look at independence and freedom from a different perspective. As we become a more global society, sharing information over the internet and other media, we are beginning to see our interconnectedness and interdependence. Freedom is beginning to take on new meaning for us and for others around the globe.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius (ruled by the planet Uranus), it is interesting to note that the same planet of Uranus has the astrological symbolism of freedom, change, revolution, dreams and goals, innovation, looking ahead, and also technology, especially the internet. Issues like humanitarian efforts, environmental issues, and governmental issues are all ruled by the planet Uranus. As one who reads symbolism every day in astrological charts, I believe we are living in a time where Aquarian (or Uranian) energies require us to look at where we wish to go in the future, to innovate and invent solutions to the Aquarian problems of the day. To see and use the freedom that comes from being able to connect with anyone around the world instantly and to obtain information at our fingertips by just googling it. How incredible is that recent change in our world? Are we using this innovation to its full potential? Or is it just another entertainment device?

In the stars for July, 2016, we have an opposition between Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo (envisioning, healing, analyzing, working globally, and working hard for our future) and the South Node, Neptune, and Chiron, all in Pisces. (baggage from our pasts, old wounds, fears, insecurities, apathy, fantasy, laziness). It’s not hard to see this opposition every day in the news or social media. In my clients, I see those who are consciously adjusting by trying to heal their own personal baggage, wounds, and apathy in order to make a difference in their lives and in the world. Many people are being called to make a difference, heal their old wounds and to clear up false beliefs or past life karma that no longer serves them for the higher good of all. This healing work is not easy, but it’s important to do as individuals first so we can operate more effectively during the Aquarian age and make the societal changes necessary to sustain us as a human race into the future.

fotolia © Jim Mills

fotolia © Jim Mills

As a society, the question being asked of us with this planetary opposition is can we find solutions to our human problems by working together globally and with innovative thought? Or are we getting stuck in judgments, arguments in rooted in old politics, restrictive thinking, and all other things of a Saturn in Sagittarius nature? This old way of doing things, our old structures, and judging others (Saturn in Sagittarius) is squaring the Opposition between Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and the Neptune, South Node, and Chiron all in Pisces. This T-square of powerful energy is changing how we do things, our beliefs, our goals, how we work on a daily basis as individuals and as global citizens. We feel the challenges between the old, restrictive way of doing things (Saturn) and the dissolving of our old beliefs (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces) as well as the challenges between Saturn and Jupiter with the North Node in Virgo (the healing, gifts, and abundance we desire for our future). The fact that Saturn is in Sagittarius means that we are being challenged to release old restrictive structures to embrace new innovative and healthy ways of working and living. Personally and in society.

Freedom can only come with structures in place that allow for change, open communication and exchange of ideas. In the United States, these things were built into our constitution and we celebrate them, but are we using them to make our lives and the world a better place (Jupiter in Virgo)? Or are we getting stuck in our fears, insecurities, fantasies and illusions (Neptune in Pisces)? Are we getting distracted by judging our institutions? (Saturn in Sagittarius) Or are we actively making the changes inside ourselves and then projecting the healing we do in ourselves out into the world to make it a better place? This is where are solutions start. True freedom in the world starts with freedom of the spirit in each one of us.

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