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What does being “fit” mean to you?  Does it mean losing weight?  Does it mean exercising and eating better?  Does it mean getting your temper under control or managing your anger?  What about being organized, having your finances in order, living off a budget, or finishing your education?  What would it look like and feel like to be fit in all areas of your life?

No matter how you define it, being fit requires a deliberate decision that must be followed by deliberate action.  Being fit, by our own individual definition is something most of us aspire to. As a nation, we create fitness programs, financial freedom programs, substance abuse treatment programs, hunger prevention programs, help for the homeless programs, and so many more; all in the hopes of becoming a fit nation, strong and secure.

You know it’s important to be fit.  You know it adds to the quality of your life and the lives of those you love.  You know it can make you strong in your body, your heart, and your mind.

Even with all this knowledge there is still something peculiar about the human mind and the human will.  Think about this…

  • There is not one person reading this article who hasn’t already heard more than a hundred ways to exercise and eat right.
  • There is not one person reading this article who hasn’t already heard two hundred ways to become more organized.
  • There is not one person reading this who hasn’t already heard countless ways to become more fit in all areas of life.

If we know all this and more, then why aren’t we all doing more of what we already know to do?

One big reason why is because people do what they want to do. Most of the time we don’t do more of what we already know to do because we have other things we’d rather be doing. Things that are easier and more fun! Sometimes we just haven’t made the deliberate decision to do those things. Or maybe you don’t believe you can do it. Maybe you haven’t made it a priority. Maybe you have been shamed after trying before and it’s too painful to try again.

No matter where you are at this point in your life, there is still hope.  You can S.T.A.R.T. again.

  • Search – Searching is a two-step process. First, you must define exactly what it is you what to accomplish. Be specific and write it down. Write as much detail as possible. This helps solidify in your mind exactly what you are going to pursue. Your mind has a wonderful way of absorbing and creating from the ideas you detail on paper. Second, you must write down all the reasons WHY you want to accomplish these things. Don’t write down just 2-3 reasons. Write down 25 to 50 reasons why. These reasons give your pursuit meaning and will fuel you to see things through.
  • Target – Seems simple, but it’s true that when you aim at a target you are more likely to hit it.  Give yourself specific targets that will allow you to feel successful and to reach your goals little by little.  Decide to measure your progress each week, each month, or every few months, depending on your goal.  Measure and celebrate or correct, but never give up.
  • Act – Just remember, it won’t happen until you make it happen.  You have to be deliberate.  Do something every day to get closer to your goal.  Continue making progress.  Track your progress and look back on it each week to see how you’ve done.  Get excited.  Motivate yourself by researching how others have done what you want to do.  See for yourself where they are.
  • Resolve – Don’t let anything stop you.  Go back to your list of WHYs and let them propel you.  Focus on one day at a time.  There will be obstacles that get in your way of achieving those things you want to achieve.  When you face those obstacles, use your creative thinking and available resources to brainstorm ideas to overcome.
  • Trust – Trust begins with yourself first. Even if you have stumbled before you can still succeed now. Next, you must rely on those you trust who are where you want to be. You only have to be strong for today. Tomorrow’s strength will be there for you tomorrow. Don’t try to change everything in the first day or the first week. Enjoy the journey. After all, it’s what you really want, right?

As part of your newfound deliberate decision making you have to be willing to sacrifice something good (your comfort level) for something great (pushing yourself to succeed).

If you are ready to become more fit in any area of your life, then START today.



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