Go to ELF! Connecting With The Eternal Life Force

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Connect With You and GO TO ELF


March 2021“Go to ELF!” – Connecting with the Eternal Life Force” is a story of self-realization, about two men who have been friends Booksince childhood, and who meet weekly for breakfast at a local restaurant to share the minute but colorless details of their lives.  It isn’t until one of them loses his job and faces financial ruin that an old memory surfaces that changes everything.

Using the familiar and effective method of story-telling to teach basic Spiritual Truths, author Lauren McLaughlin brings to life The ELF, a personification of The Eternal Life Force – the Creator and Sustainer of all life.  Throughout the story, the characters “Go to ELF!” persistently with their troubles and woes; wondering why they were born, what they are supposed to be doing here, why their lives are unfolding the way they are, and more importantly, why their prayers aren’t being answered.  And with gentle kindness, The ELF teaches them the simple and basic steps they have to take in order to live a more joy-filled and satisfying life.

The overlying lesson in Go to ELF! is that life doesn’t have to be so hard, a message that will resonate with everyone who would like to live smarter not harder, and have a great deal of fun doing it.

Lauren January 2015About the Author: Lauren McLaughlin is part of a team of thousands of teachers on the planet at this time, whose purpose is to remind those who wish to remember that they are deeply and dearly loved by the creator and sustainer of all life, that the answers to the most important questions they have are carefully stored in their own heart, and that they deliberately chose the human experience for the sheer fun of it.  Lauren is a writer, speaker, and retreat facilitator who is currently living happily-ever-after with her husband, John, in Clearwater, Florida


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