Goals:Are You Purposeful or Panicked?

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Before you go scratching off those goals on a piece of paper or tapping furiously on your keyboard, consider this: What consciousness do you want to generate your goals from?

Goals are often created from a mindset of what we do not have, what we are missing, or what we are afraid of. Fear based goal setting does not yield positive results: it sets us up for disappointment.

Picture this: A thirty-five year old woman, let’s call her Susan, had a successful career and extensive schooling. BUT, her clock was ticking. She had dreamt of having a child since her little brother was born when she was six years old. That’s a long time to want and long for a baby. She made it her goal to get married because she was AFRAID she’d miss out on being a mom. 

Susan set her goal (marriage) based on fear, made her decision based on fear, and grabbed the first man that approached her. He turned out to be an unemployed crack addict, but somehow she rationalized he was alright because he was tall and went to church. Let’s say, Susan’s temporary insanity (fear driven goal setting and decision making) lead her to her goal- marriage (thank God, no baby!) and a within-the-year divorce. It also dealt an extreme blow to her self-esteem.

How do we avoid forming a FEAR DRIVEN goal? There is a quiet space that we can all occupy. It rests just behind our thoughts, just under our worry, and just next to our fear. It is in and from this quiet space that we may access our joy, peace and purpose.

Joy, peace and purpose-now that is where I want to release my goals from! YOU? It is a simple process, so simple most people skip right over the quieting step before rushing forth into goal setting. It is basic meditation and is a proven method to help us think clearly.

The following Beautiful Energy exercise video will prime you to establish beauty-filled goals. In a few short minutes you will gently sweep away fear and reveal your peace and purpose. Have a paper and pen or keyboard ready to capture your BEAUTY-FILLED GOALS.

With Love from My PEACEFUL place to Yours, Susan


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