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Living Gratefully


November 2021

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At times, life can appear challenging. Yet, if we only focus on the negativity of these challenges we will find more reasons to be negative. What if we changed our mindset to recognize the positive lessons within these challenges? With this shift in focus, we will become more aware of many reasons to be grateful. Is this possible? Can we learn to refocus our mindset away from what is wrong, or needs changing in our lives, to see all there is to be grateful about?

I remember having a job that didn’t last as long as I would have liked. The owner of the business and I saw the world differently. Although I was not pleased with the final outcome and left the company of my own free will—I was grateful for all I had learned, and the self-confidence I gained.

By being grateful for the opportunity to work for this company I learned to appreciate the important lessons the job taught me. Some of these lessons I would not have learned anywhere else. Once I became grateful for the inner growth that occurred through the experience,

I was able to release my negative attitude toward the outcome.

How often do we choose a negative emotion, before we choose gratitude? It seems when we become negative, all we see in the world around us, are more reasons to be negative. Yet, when we choose to be grateful, life seems to change and we recognize more reasons to be grateful.

I have heard the saying that when things fall apart, they may be falling together. Is it possible we need life to fall apart so we can see how much we have to be grateful for? This could be a tough thing to understand, but how often do we really appreciate something once it’s gone?

Why do we take things for granted instead of being grateful? Could it be because we think the other side of the road is better than where we are? When we wake up in the morning are we grateful for the new day?

Or, do we complain about the weather?

If we truly accept that our attitude helps create the world around us, wouldn’t it be best to be in a constant state of gratitude? In this powerful place, we would be creating a world worth appreciating. Our focus would be on the unlimited abundance we would see in our lives, rather than the lack of abundance some people believe exists. Wouldn’t the positive mindset of gratitude benefit us and everyone else?

One of the challenges of a grateful attitude, is overcoming the narrow vision of the lack mentality many people hold. What we focus on is a choice, we can choose to focus on the lack we perceive, thereby experiencing lack in our lives. Or, we can take an honest look around, and recognize the tremendous abundance surrounding us. Seeing abundance may be easy, or it may be less so, because those in our lives influence the way we view the world. We may see life differently than others, so sharing our beliefs on the connection between gratitude and abundance may make others uncomfortable.

One of the best ways to prove the connection between abundance and gratitude is to take an honest look at our own lives. Are we flowing through life with little effort? When we are grateful, things seem to fall into place, without much push or force. It’s as if the mindset of gratitude clears the way of negativity and delivers us to exactly where we are meant to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is in this powerful place of awareness, where we learn to appreciate everything that happens in our lives, because these events hold important lessons within them for the growth of our consciousness.

Everything that happens to us has the potential to elevate our state of being if we are courageous enough to find the lessons, and then be grateful for the growth from these experiences. The more we express gratitude for these lessons, the more confidence we will have in the future if events don’t work out like we had planned.

Although with an attitude of gratitude, abundance is always within reach.





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