Grateful “Givings”

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Living Gratefully

There is a lot to be grateful for these days. Like life getting back to a new form of normal. Being able to interact with our community, loved ones, and friends. Having food on the table, a home, and more. When you think about it, we are very blessed as a society. We have so much for which to be grateful. Spend just five minutes being mindfully focused on being grateful and I’m certain you will come up with an unending stream of gratitude. After all, that’s what this time of year is predicated on, being thankful and grateful. Now let’s kick it up a notch. What if we tweaked our gratefulness a bit? What if we shifted our “grateful focus” from viewing our physical surroundings and instead focused on ourselves? What if we made gratefulness about what and who we are instead of what and how much we have?

This changes the view exponentially.

I’m sure many of you are thinking that’s quite selfish. I know a lot of people who have lived and firmly believe what I am asking you to do is very wrong and will only lead to living well selfish. My response… going within is the only way out.

Let me explain. As many of you know, I wear hearing aids. I am considered to have profound hearing loss. Now be that as it may in the world of diagnostic medicine, I live my life moving forward and not being focused on that. I am considerably grateful for my powerful hearing aids, improvements in technology, and most importantly the miraculous people in my life who are beyond understanding of the situation.

I move through my day basically taking this gift for granted, until I have a problem like a bad sinus cold like the one I am having right now. The average sinus cold for me is like the worst case of the flu for someone else. I have pain in my head that is unexplainable, my face and head swells, and my hearing changes dramatically and I have a 24/7 “Tracey echo” in my head. When this happens, I immediately become terrified that I have lost ALL my hearing forever. I then proceed to bawl my eyes out which only makes my stuffy head stuffier. At this point the fear has completely taken over and I’m calling every doctor, that I can’t hear when I call, trying to get someone to fix it for me. At this point I am so absent of peace, calm, or gratitude there is no way my mind or body can receive help or healing. Eventually I calm down and so does the sinus issue. So, what does this have to do with gratitude you ask? Well, this time when the “Sinus Scare” hit me I spent 20 minutes being afraid and then another hour being grateful. Grateful that I knew what was happening and would not let my mind create panic. Grateful I could focus on the positive, and not the fear. I remembered I was blessed and then allowed myself to stay calm.

I proceeded to focus on every little form of healing and tool that I had created and acquired over all these years.

And I was grateful.

Next, I began to remember and focus on the fact that I am my own personal authority on me and that I loved me.

And I was grateful.

Finally, I focused on the support system again. I remembered all the tools I had learned over the years, every bit of education, every person and small piece of love I had received.

And I was grateful.

I’m not sure if this makes sense, I just know it’s how I personally live gratefully. I focus on the little things for they are the foundation to everything. I then make it a point to be grateful for me and a life I have purposefully created. A life filled with ups and down and a road less traveled. So far it has made all the difference.

A Happy and Joyous Thanks…Grateful Giving.

Tracey R. Kern
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