Healing Hugs

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Hugs Heal. 

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Yesterday, I hugged my brother, Billy; a strong, welcoming, healing hug that sent warmth throughout my entire body.  I hugged my sister, Alice, a tiny woman with a strong grip that sent strength down my spine.  My husband, Larry, hugged me. It sent a feeling of devotion shared by two people who have endured much together and by the grace of God will continue to share for years to come.  My sister-in-law, Cheryl, gave me a hug that sent a feeling of being grounded. It radiated to the soles of my feet.  My brother-in-law John’s hug sent lightness and an inner knowing that “all is well.”  A long hug from Dylan held whispers of a deep bond that says “I don’t have to birth a child to feel a heart connection.”

Hugs from friends, who have become family; Naomi, Sandra, Brenda, Suzanne and Ted (Dylan’s parents), gently sprayed my very essence with a feeling of mutual respect and caring that goes beyond blood ties, ethnicity, age.  Then, the day was sealed with a hug from my daughter, Angel, surrounding all the goodness and cementing it with a love that goes beyond expression.  Something so deep, it defies words; a mother’s love for her child.

Hugs spread the healing salve of love, filling cracks and crevices of our being.

Hug Someone Today.

You may be sending love, warmth and healing to them.  You may be filling in cracks they didn’t even know they had; ones they didn’t even know needed filling.  That’s what happened to me yesterday.

God, thank You for hugs that send healing, warmth, strength, devotion, firm foundation, lightness, mutual respect, caring and love to a wounded spirit.  For sending healing to places I didn’t realize were bruised.  For putting pieces back together I didn’t realize were broken.  Thank you for family and friends who celebrate my spirit by their presence. 

Thank You God, I am truly blessed.

Relentless faith is when you are given something you didn’t realize you needed.  But, God did, and He never fails.





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