Healing Through Connection

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I’m turning my thoughts to grief, loss and how we manage in those terrible times of sadness. We all experience loss at one time or another – we might experience the death of a loved one, or a beloved pet. Even experiencing the loss of a job or the break in a close relationship can cause us to experience grief. We may become sidetracked for a time by our feelings of loss; we might even change our life course and veer into the void of depression and anger. Or not. How we choose to deal with these most difficult times is a test of our inner strength and purpose.

My loss came to me four years ago when my son was killed driving a mountain road that he knew so well. I’ve written about how I dealt with this devastating loss in my new book, Walking in Grace with Grief Meditations for Healing After Loss.

I believe we are still connected to our loved ones after they pass. They may no longer be in a body, but their Spirit is alive and well. Here’s a short excerpt from Walking in Grace with Grief:

I knew that Rick was here with me in Spirit. I felt him. I talked with him. He came to be with me for the first few days after his death. I believe that many loved ones do this: they “camp out” so to speak, with the people they cherish. They too must come to terms with their new found state of altered consciousness. Rick and I carried on an almost constant conversation those first few days. I treasured these conversations because, believe it or not, they kept me rooted to the earth. They confirmed my deep faith that Rick had just changed form—the body that died, but the soul, the being-ness of my son was very much still “alive”. He exhibited the same personality traits he had while in a body. Although he was confused and wary the first few days, once he got the hang of being “out there” he enjoyed his freedom. He laughed often, and with his wry sense of humor, he let me know he was adjusting.

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When he came to visit, he would nestle in, close to my heart center, much like an infant would, snuggling right into the core of my being. I had to step out of my three-dimensional thinking and remember that he was spirit now without a physical body. Sometimes it felt as if he was about the size of a small baby, not a full-grown man. I sensed a ball of light that could penetrate right into the core of my body. I would feel him as a presence in my heart center, snuggling in close. It felt as if he were hugging my heart. Later on, as he grew comfortable in his new spiritual form, he would stand a few feet in front of me and we would talk, much like two adult friends carrying on a conversation. Of course, as a mom I much preferred the early days of snuggling.

The first time Rick nestled into me, my husband and I were in the car running some last-minute errands before family was due in town. I felt Rick snuggle in close, and while David drove, I carried on a silent conversation that went something like this:

Hi sweetie! Glad you’re here!”

“Hey, what’s up? This is so weird, Mom. Not sure I like it out here.”

Then I felt him snuggle closer and send out vibrations, almost like a hum of “love, love, love” over and over. We just sat quietly like this for some time. Tears were pouring down my face, but I was filled with joy.

Often, we are so caught up in the emotions of sorrow, sadness, grief, anger, rebellion, and outright rage that we fail to hear our loved ones’ voices. But they are here. They constantly surround us with their love and support.

We are all connected – even after death. We just have to open ourselves up to be able to receive their messages.

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