Balance and Boundaries

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Setting yourself up for a balanced life with boundaries.


fotolia @ Human Scale © iko

fotolia @ Human Scale © iko

One of the most important aspects of balance in life is to protect yourself from the negativity of others. It seems that we are constantly bombarded with negativity from so many directions and it can cause us to feel out of whack.

As you know, people will say to you and treat you as you allow.

One of the first steps along this process is to determine how you want to be treated. To do this you might want to sit down with a notebook, legal pad or journal and write down exactly what you want as far as how people speak to you and treat you.

Second step is to then review people in your life – all of them and how / what your experience has been previously. With whom do you need to set a boundary? What is the boundary? Here are some examples:

1) people who constantly gossip

2) people who complain or whine

3) people who are rude, undermine you or put you down

4) people who take advantage of you

5) people who make fun of you.

Be aware that when you let someone know that you are setting a boundary with them they may not like it and respond negatively to you. If they are a friend or so-called friend, it may end that relationship. Keep this in mind – if someone ends their relationship with you because you are setting your standards higher and taking care of you, perhaps it is time for you to move on to be friends with people who really care about you.

Keep the focus of Balance / Protection  /  Boundaries with you at all times, you just deserve to be treated well.

Here are some additional thoughts and examples:

1) Set a strong boundary to keep a healthy and positive environment around you.

2)  Keep your integrity high – don’t stoop to gossip about it.

3) Protect yourself further by advising (not gossiping) others when you feel threatened, especially if you feel physically intimidated or physically threatened by the verbal abuser.  Call the law enforcement to find out what steps you might need to take to make sure that you are protected.

4) And do the best you can to be kind to them, send them kindness from your heart – heaven knows they sure need it!

You deserve to live a beautiful life filled with joy and peace – this doesn’t mean you won’t encounter difficulties and challenges, but keeping your focus on a positive balance for your life is the key.

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