Herbs That Ease Stress

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Lower Your Stress Naturally

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Many physical ailments are caused by stress. If not the direct cause, it can aggravate an existing condition. Stress is a very natural happening in human beings. In part, it is a left over primal instinct of our ancient ancestors. It is hunter/warrior mentality. When we get stressed, our hearts pump faster and our adrenaline flows. Hormones are pumped out and our nervous systems are heightened. Our muscles are ready to move and our eyes dilate. In extreme circumstances we may start to sweat sub-consciously knowing we will soon have to cool down if we have to go into fight or flight mode.

This is all a part of our para-sympathetic nervous system, which we have no conscious control over. We no longer have to fight for our food, unless it’s trying to get in line at the grocery store. But our bodies still carry tendencies toward manic behavior. We can trigger our nervous system response; being caught in a traffic jam or when the car won’t start, perhaps the neighbor’s dog ate the laundry off the clothes line, once again! Personal grief of the loss of a loved one or the tension caused by being a caregiver of a loved one.

Stress lowers our immune systems by taxing several of our organs. The adrenal glands are high on this list. These glands create adrenaline and other hormones. Every time we hit that flight or fight button, our adrenals secrete adrenaline. With overuse they end up becoming depleted. That’s why some stressed out people find themselves low on energy and mentally slow. Try to moderate your stress levels. If possible if you know it’s going to stress you out don’t do it. But if you have to Do It, then prepare yourself mentally. Some strategies for preparation run the gamut from yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation, to screaming at the moon. Let it out then DO what you have to do.

You can tonify your nervous system with preventative herbs. There are many herbs specific to stress. At the top of the list would be red Panix Ginseng, or Siberian Ginseng. They are great for adrenal health and can also aid in the stopping of mind chatter. Of course there’s always the old standby, Chamomile, ancient in its use as a nervine. Some others are Cat-Nip, Skullcap, Valerian, Oat-straw, and California poppy. All but valerian make a pleasant cup of tea. You can infuse these singularly or mix and match. Everyone responds a bit differently because of our individual metabolisms. I make a Stress Be Gone tincture that works on about everyone and tastes good too.

As always Keep It Simple and keep that stress level in check!

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