“Himalayan Singing Bowls”

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Maria-Sound-Therapy-300x200Tibetan Bowls, also known as “Himalayan singing bowls”, are typically handmade by hammering a combination of metals together—gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and/or mercury—to produce an elegantly smooth or distinctly etched bowl that will produce a clear tone when played, useful for sound therapy. The bowls vary in color, size, and weight. They may also have unique designs carved on them, depending on who has created them.

The person trained in the use of the bowls places a cushion between the client and bowl, and then uses a wooden striker to tap or “play” the bowls by running the striker along the bowl’s edge. Often a Tibetan Bowl sound therapy practitioner has more than one bowl, as singing bowls are finely tuned to specific frequencies—some that we can hear, some that we can feel, and some that only the cells of our body can know.

Tibetans have been using sound therapy for thousands of years. The bowls’ frequency is thought to train our brainwaves to create sympathetic resonance, which relaxes mind, body, and spirit. The sound emitted from the singing bowls is believed to enhance meditation by producing a humming vibration of tranquil and relaxing tones.

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