Hit the Reset Button

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Taking a Left at The Crossroads

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In recent years the phrase, “Hit the reset button” has been used quite a bit. It’s pretty popular, but what exactly does it mean?

By definition, it is the process usually in reference, to a machine, where a literal button is pushed to allow whatever mechanism is operating, to perform at its truest most optimal level, or as it was meant to. And that is what it implies for us as well. Most see it as a redo, a chance to restart. Yet really it signifies a change in attitude, perception, or perspective. Which invariably transitions into a change in our reality.

The good news is, we can hit this button any time we want. And there is no right or wrong, path, emotion, or thought that accompanies this button. Often, the need to do so is our soul or spirit calling out to be heard. An indicator that there may be a different path to be had. Not better- just different, because as stated earlier; there is no right or wrong. And we certainly do not owe anyone an explanation or reason, for why we decide to alter the circumstances or point of view. The beauty is that we have the choice, and we only owe it to ourselves to be happy with the walk.

So, if anyone in your life, regardless of closeness or distance, ever tries to tell you you are wrong for changing your mind, your path, or your point of view, tell them that’s what reset buttons are for. We all have this button- it’s called consciousness. We would not have been designed with it, if it wasn’t meant to be used. That is after all, what this entire universe is: consciousness. At varying levels and degrees, but consciousness none the less. Streams and streams of it! And all we must do is pick and choose the ones that jump out at us! Like shiny and colorful watercourses waiting to be born and flowing like the river it was meant to be. And from these watery wonder worlds come the very essence of things we cannot live without; namely FREEDOM.

Consciousness and freedom go hand in hand, and make great bedfellows. From this grand coupling comes the love child of all time…happiness. Which of course is the basis of evolution; is it not? Which brings with it, the ability to soar higher and higher towards our sky of dreams. After all, have you ever been witness to an unhappy bird?

So, the next time you feel like changing up the journey, but might be a little afraid to hang a left at the crossroads…just remember, you can sit on the fence pondering for a lifetime while those amazing streams of consciousness are flowing by, or you can take flight and reach untold limits of joy and happiness. All you have to do is look in a different direction, tune that satellite a little to the right, or jump up to a different branch in the big tree of life, and watch the magic happen! Amazing results from one little button, isn’t it?





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