Honoring Change this Holiday Season

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Astrology for the Holidays can help you  Consciously Shifting the season into a stress-less and peaceful time of year.


fotolia © saiyood

fotolia © saiyood

Astrology can help us to understand our gifts and talents.  What makes our hearts sing and what we need to feel secure and happy. How we relate to our families, our partners, our friends, and our co-workers. Astrology can show us how to take care of ourselves, what parts of our bodies need special attention, and what our energy levels should be, and where we might get tripped up. This and so much more can be found in our birth charts. Not many will actually take the time to understand themselves through their birth chart, but I am hopeful that will soon change as Astrology comes out of the closet after being tucked away so many years. Part of this new rebirth in Astrology comes from the fact that we are in the midst of a transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the zodiac sign that rules Astrology. So it’s no surprise that Astrology is taking off and becoming more understood than feared, as it has been in the recent past.

The Age of Pisces was about Piscean things; self sacrifice, blind faith, fear based beliefs, passiveness, lack of boundaries, illusions, dreaminess, spirituality, etc. The Age of Aquarius is fotolia © Hollygraphicmore about intellect, technology, computers, inventiveness/innovation, independence of the individual while networking with others, friendships, our goals and dreams, and collective endeavors for the good of all. We are beginning to shift to the Age of Aquarius and the growing pains are evident around the world. Yet Aquarian ruled things such as technology, open information exchange on the internet, and collective efforts are beginning to help us make the needed changes to survive as a human race. These Aquarian things bring us hope and goals to achieve to make the world a better place. It’s up to us to make it happen, individually and collectively!

It may be difficult to create and make changes on a collective level unless you are a fire sign type with a lot of activist energy in your chart, but everyone can make these Aquarian changes on an individual level. We will be required to do so to adjust, but we have our lifetimes to work this out and pass on our new Aquarian ways to our children and their children. So this holiday season, as fotolia © HollygraphicNeptune turns Direct on November 18th and Uranus turns Direct on December 25th, Christmas Day, let us really focus on how we are going to take the new wisdom we have gained in the last six months from these major planet retrograde cycles having to do with our goals, our dreams, our spirituality and ideologies and subconscious beliefs. How are we going to incorporate new found insights and inventions and dreams into our lives? As Uranus, the planet of change and also the planet that rules our goals, moves Direct on Christmas day, change will happen in our lives. New dreams and goals will become apparent. Be open and welcoming to the changes for they are helping you adjust to the new way of being in the Age of Aquarius and/or perhaps also helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

Honor the changes in others too as they try to adjust. Many who read this online magazine are more consciously shifting as the name implies, but many around you are not conscious of it and struggle to adjust and make these big changes. Be their light, their calm harbor, their kick in the pants, or just their hope in times of stress. With Saturn now in Sagittarius after two and half years in Scorpio, and Jupiter just moving into the sign of Virgo, next year, 2016, will be a year of hard work and building, in whatever planetary house (area of life) it falls within your birth chart. Make yours count. Find your passion and put in the hard work. Because if you do the work, the rewards will come and hopefully others will benefit from your happiness and from efforts that may benefit the world at large. It’s time to take out that dream you’ve always wanted to pursue, dust it off and make it a reality! For yourself and for the good of all, because we are ALL connected.

P.S. Astrology Tip for the Holidays: With Uranus going Direct on Christmas Day, Dec 25th, do your shopping early this year and do what you can to avoid any stress over family gatherings because Uranus’s energy will be strong and people will be more on edge and anxious the last few weeks of December as Uranus shifts direction. Many will feel compelled to get involved in humanitarian efforts this holiday season, so go for it and make your difference in the world! Uranus also brings surprises so it is my hope and wish that your surprise this holiday season is a fantastic one! Many blessings and much love to you all during the holiday season!!


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