June 2016-How Do You Define Environment?

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Where Does Your Environment Start?

June 2016

Hello and welcome to the June edition of Conscious Shift Magazine where new ideas are taking root for a changing world…Environment.

fotolia © geargodz

fotolia © geargodz

June is here and its time to get out and enjoy the environment of sun, beach, BBQ, vacation, and to ponder a question. How Do You Define Environment?

When you hear the word environment what do you think of? Most people think of mother earth, global warming, recycling, things that happen in nature or in their surrounding neighborhood. Some people get very concerned, feel helpless and sometimes feel afraid about the way the environment they live in is changing. These feelings combined with a big dose of media and news environment expands these fearful thoughts.

When I hear the word environment I too think of those things but I don’t start there. When I think or hear the word environment I start with the environment I have a direct effect on. I start on the environment of me, the place where my thoughts live and the environment from where I send out good vibes into the world starts.  Sounds crazy to most but according to scientists I might be on to something.

Take for example the study of Epigenetic’s.

Epigenetic’s is the study of heritable changes in gene expression based on environmental influences.  In plain English its the study of how our cells interpret our genes based on environmental influences. Did you catch that? That was important….

It means our cells; our health, our behaviors and our world can be affected by our environment of thoughts.  Hard to believe I know because we have been taught since we were born that we have no control over our genetic environment because, well its genetic.

But what if that’s not really so. What if we are in control and it all starts with a thought? What if we can alter the state of our health, local environment, and global community simply by putting good thoughts into the world and by living according to what we choose for our life and our environment?  Now that would Consciously Shift your environment.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. ~Norman Vincent Peale

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June 2016 I’m happy to announce that my Conscious assistant Neo is back and ready to go.  He has Shifted his environment and is securing his work /nap space as we get ready for our next adventure down the rabbit hole of possibility.


Peace & Joy

Tracey R Kern


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