How do you define success?

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What is your definition of Success?  The best definition I have heard states that, “success is a progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.”  Hearing those words, I understood that it was up to each and every one of us to come up with our own definition.  If we are working towards a predetermined goal and know where we are going, then we are sure to succeed.

For many, we have been shaped by our circumstances.  In other words, we are defined by our outward interactions and beliefs that have been instilled in our psyche through life.  We conform to the thoughts of others.  What if we were to say to ourselves that we don’t believe in circumstances for we make our own?  Perhaps this may cause a shift in our perspective.

If we decide on our own goals and work towards it, this gives us an inner guidance that steers right into the hands of synchronicity.  Because we are sure of our decisions, life will conspire to help, for that’s how it works.  The Universe operates on a thought system.  Whatever we think, it believes.  Another way to refer to this impactful statement is that “we become what we think about.”

Here are a few examples of success.  Success= A full time mother for that is what she DELIBERATELY decided to become.  Success= A humanitarian who helps orphaned children without pay for that is what they DELIBERATLY decided to do.  Success= A salesman who surpasses their forecast, for achieving an abundance of money is what they DELIBERATEY decided to do.  No matter what the goal is, if the DELIBERATE intent is there, we create our own reality!

Now, think of what we could accomplish if we added passion and enthusiasm to the mix?  We could even start having some fun in the process.  We could start to rub off on others and surpass our own expectations.  Life would conspire and add more wonderful people and experiences into our lives!  Believe it for this is the truth.  You are your own director or navigator in life.  There is the law of alchemy which states that we change our lives through our thoughts just like lead can be alchemised into gold.  The only difference is the degree on the vibrational scale.

We become what we think about.  We can alter our lives by altering our thoughts.  We are the sum total of our thoughts.  We are 100% responsible for our own direction in life.  We are working towards a predetermined goal because we know where we are going.  These are life changing thoughts that empower us.  They are truth.  You are truth.  You are successful!



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