How to Fully Engaged

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© Dirima –

To what extreme do we live life fully engaged?  Well, perhaps it depends on how deep we consciously decide to dig into our own psyche?  There is a saying in the sports world that takes an athlete to the next level of training.  “Dig Deep” can be interpreted in many different ways when heard from coaches.  Initially, my reaction was more on a superficial level when I heard it for the first time.  Dig deep meant taking the motion of the weight bearing exercise deeper or to a closer proximity to my body on a physical level.  It wasn’t until my mentor mentioned that it meant to, “dig deep into the strength of the mind and push past the comfort zone.”  It’s the only way to grow in all aspects of the mind/body and spirit.

This was a huge moment in understanding, or an epiphany of sorts.  Physically, I understood the ways on how to change the body.  Repetition, weight training, cardio and nutrient timing are necessary to change the physique.  Pushing the body and following guidelines are easy and scripted.  Digging deep into the mental energy and becoming consciously aware of my reactions and barriers were a little more challenging.  Let’s face it, habits are hard to break.  When not fully engaged in our thinking, it’s easy to operate on auto pilot.  Ask yourself, “is this really what I want to do?”

In order to think like a fully engaged athlete, one must become aware and be in tune with the operation of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of the soul.  What goals do I need to visualize and write down that will take me to the next level of thinking?  Is it hiring someone who will become a mentor to me?  If so, then I will be responsible to this person, and to myself, to reach the goals put forth by both parties.  It is easy to have the thought, but to make the idea conscious, we must engage all the senses fully to make it real.  Finding a mentor helps take one out of their own mind and into the consciousness of the goal at hand.   One can think of it as tapping into the existence of the creative genius who is more than happy to grant you your wish.

Once you start engaging in change and attaining the goal at hand, you are automatically setting yourself up for success.  Success can be defined as a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.  If you are on a mission to become a healthy and positive person, then you are setting yourself up for success, for it’s a worthy ideal for you.  This is all that matters.  As long as you believe this to be true, then it is so.  You are rearranging your thoughts to create a new story for yourself.  You may as well be fully and completely immersed in your story and become the main character.  Are you creating a drama, comedy or inspirational storyline?  It’s totally up to you and what you would like to project out into the world for everyone to see and feel.  Feel the emotions that you intend to project through your story, for feeling always leads to the heart, and the heart will always lead you to your truth!

The most important aspect of becoming engaged in any sport is the energy and passion behind it.   A fire or desire erupts in their consciousness and it becomes a lifestyle.  I watch my daughter dance and it’s as though there is a chord between her heart and her dancing that connects the moment.  Becoming engaged can be described as intertwining the love and passion between the spirit and event.  For those who are fortunate to witness someone who is fully engaged, they feel the connection for it resonates in their hearts are well.  It is truly a beautiful experience!


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