I LOVE the Work I Get to Do

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Do you love what you do? I do!

In my work I have three areas of expertise, I am a: Speaker/Trainer, Life Coach, and Author. My mission: I help people make positive change in their lives.

As a Life Coach, people come to me to make improvements in certain areas of their lives. It is always exciting to see the improvements they make with just a little guidance and sometimes some gentle nudging. As a Career Coach, I help people, most of whom have been laid off, update their resume and learn job searching in today’s world. I have learned a great deal from my clients about many jobs that make our world work: people in an oil refinery – you would be amazed what it takes to run one; fire departments, environmental cleanup groups, window designers for retail establishments, sales positions, IT jobs, financial advisers, and even a retired Major League Baseball player. I am always excited that most land an even better career than they had before.

Speaking and Training means I am a keynote and break-out speaker who facilitates various programs for companies and organizations. As I write this I am wrapping up a four session training program at one of our Florida companies. This particular program also includes one-on-one coaching for the participants. As I met with my last client yesterday he said to me, “Margaret, it is easy to see you love what you do, you don’t do it just for the money. We have many training programs here and most of them are facilitated by people without much enthusiasm. I appreciate your expertise and the care that you have given us.” I almost welled in tears; it has been fun, with hard work and preparation. It is exciting to see how these people have “gotten it” for the positive changes they are making in their corporate culture. I think I could have flown home on my own without the assistance of the airplane.

Author – well, I’ve written newsletters and blogs for over ten years with the goal to provide inspiration and to give people some hope. When we are going through difficult times, we can get to a point where we feel pointless, lost or stuck. If we can read or hear something that gives us hope – then we can start making steps of improvement. I have also authored the book, The Chatter that Matters – Your Words ARE Your Power. It is absolutely thrilling to receive emails and letters from people who say it made a positive difference in their lives.

These are the reasons I love what I do! It makes my heart sing!

So I ask you the question, “Do you like or love what you do?” If not, take some time for yourself to uncover why not, then take time to discover what your gifts are and how you can incorporate them into your work. One of the ways I suggest to people to uncover their talent is to get quiet (preferably out in nature if possible) with a notepad and pen; reflect back to childhood, around the ages of 6 to 8. What game did you most enjoy playing? As you think of these things write them down, do not censor them. Let the list “be” for a while and then later on or another day, review it to see what has shown up and if any of the items can be expanded into a career. Mine was to be a teacher, but I knew teaching a classroom full of children was not what I wanted to do. So I did other things until I found the profession of trainer where I could be a teacher of adults as a trainer and speaker.

If you don’t love what you do life feels like 16 Tons…

I love what I do and hope you will move in the direction of doing work that you love.

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