I’m Saying The Affirmations, But Nothing’s Happening

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© Nomad_Soul – Fotolia.com

Some months ago, I was having lunch with a good friend, Laura, and we were discussing her career move. She was currently employed but ready to move on. She’d had some promising interviews, clicking with the owners, but no job offers. Laura said to me, “You know, I start each morning with an affirmation of my readiness for new adventures, but it’s been three months – and nothing’s happening – why!”

As I looked at her energy field, I realized that her current boss’ energy was filling her space. He needed her to stay, and she needed to feel needed.

I said, to her, “Joe is filling your space, and you’re so filled with compassion for him that you can’t energetically separate. Until you do, the job offers won’t come your way.” I could tell I’d hit a nerve as she teared up and thought about it. She knew it was true – no matter how much she said she wanted to move forward, part of her was energetically stuck in place, with her current boss and his problems.

So how do we get “unstuck”?

Having someone’s energy in your space is not unusual. We exchange energy all the time. Thoughts and feelings are energy, and they’re sticky! Joe’s energy, his thoughts and feelings of how much he relied on Laura, was stuck in Laura’s energy field, affecting her ability to send clear messages out to the Universe.

So how do we get “unstuck”? How do we remove the thoughts and feelings of others from our space? One of the easiest ways is through a grounding cord. One end of this invisible tube of energy attaches to your body and the other end to the center of the earth. The gravitational pull of the earth sucks the foreign energy (other people’s thoughts and feelings) from your space, making room for more of your life force.

We can’t manifest a life of prosperity and abundance if we are tied to another person’s idea of what success means to them. In this case, Joe’s idea of prosperity was to have Laura solve some of his business problems for him. This made him feel safe and secure and helped him reach his business goals. But, of course, the opposite was happening for Laura. She couldn’t reach out for her next step – a new job with better pay and opportunities – if she allowed Joe’s energies to dominate.

Learning to differentiate our wishes and hopes from those around us is a process of keeping our chakras clean and bright.

P.S. Once Laura removed Joe’s energy from her space, right away a lovely job offer opened up, in the perfect location and for an excellent company. And there’s more. After Laura had given notice, Joe called a former employee who knew the ropes well and hired him on the spot. He was a perfect fit for the tasks at hand.

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