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What if we we dared to know who we are?

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When I was a young boy, a neighbor would store his motorcycle in our garage. When no one was watching, I would head out to the garage and sit on the big, beautiful motorcycle. I would imagine myself riding through the countryside, meeting kind and friendly people who rode in new places and experienced different cultures along the way.

Almost fifty years later I don’t have to imagine any longer because I have a motorcycle of my own. It has taken me to many beautiful places throughout the American West. When I look back at my younger self, my feet unable to touch the ground while sitting on the machine, I wonder if I thought my dream would ever come true? At the time I had no idea how powerful my imagination could be.

It is said that what we focus on we attract into our lives. This is a great place to use the power of our imagination. What if we were to imagine a world filled with peace and love? Or a world where we treat those around us as we wish to be treated? How would this reshape the world we share with others?

Can we imagine using the depth of our self-love to better the lives of many other people?

Think of all the advancements that have benefited our lives over the last fifty years. When I was sitting on that motorcycle in the garage, man had just walked on the moon for the first time, telephones were connected to the wall with a wire, and our television was black and white. If you wanted to change the channel you had to turn a knob on the TV itself. All the changes since then have come from the imagination of someone who thought beyond the limiting beliefs they were taught by others.

This type of forward thinking can also be used to advance enlightenment and spirituality around the globe. The only limitation would be the limits of our imagination. The interesting thing about the creators of inventions is that if they fail, they don’t quit. They know their invention has merit and there will be benefits for the greater good.

They trust what they are doing will create a positive change in the way people experience life.

If we were to imagine a world filled with love, kindness and compassion, we would have to believe it is possible. When we are kind and loving to the people close to us we will have a positive effect on their lives. This positive influence would then ripple out from us to impact more and more people. Think of the positive energy we could create, touching everyone we come in contact with. Starting with touching a few, then expanding to many others, we could begin to see a shift in consciousness.

Imagine the changes we would see in the world if love, kindness, and compassion was the baseline for who we are as a people. Think of the strength and courage we would discover within ourselves because of the deep feeling of love we now share with others, even total strangers.

Just like the inventors of years ago who have made our lives easier today, we would be making the lives of others better because we recognize the love within them and allow them to live by this love.

Does this sound too much like a fairy tale? Think of what your life today would look like to someone who lived a thousand years ago. Your life today would look like a fairy tale to them. Electricity, hot water anytime you want…you get the idea. Yet this is the power we all possess through our imagination. If we can imagine it, we can create it. We only have positive results to gain when we use our imagination for a common good.

If we believe we can’t, then positive change never happens. With this limiting mindset we would still be riding a horse to the market. Sure it takes courage and imagination to begin a shift in global awareness, but all it takes is a change in our imagination, a change in how we want to see the world and the conviction to see these changes through. We will be the inventors of the future we want to create, the future we want to be a part of, and the future we want our children to inherit.

The great thing about this shift, is that the loving world we imagine can quickly turn into loving action. By being more loving to ourselves we will naturally become more loving to others.

Each day we have a choice: imagine and live the best life possible or wait for someone else to invent it.

Now, before I head out on a motorcycle ride, I imagine I’m riding through the beautiful landscape of the west, experiencing new cultures, and meeting kind and loving people, just as I imagined it fifty years ago.





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