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We are on a journey to find ourselves.  There is usually a distinction between who we truly are; who we want to be deep down inside, versus how we really show up and appear to others in our everyday life.  Do you act differently when you are dating someone, communicating with your boss, or when in a social situation?  Have you ever noticed how people act differently when they are stressed or in an emergency situation?  All of the worry about what other people think, all of the masks come off and what you are left with is the real person because there is no time to act a different way.

Have you ever dated someone for a while, and then you notice different things about them that you didn’t in the beginning of the relationship?  This may be you getting more interested and paying more attention, or the other person letting their real person come out to play.  The problem with this is that sometimes you didn’t fall in love with the real them, you fell in love with the person they were portraying.  It’s almost like watching a movie or a play and getting really into one of the characters, then you see them in person or on television and they are nothing like the character they were playing.  Sometimes this can be quite a shock.

I recently spoke to a women’s group, and the topic of traditions came up.  I have been living a life totally different than how I was raised.  The older I get the more this comes into my awareness, and I actually find myself reverting more and more back to my roots.  For example, without even knowing it, I was raised on an almost all vegetarian diet.  We only had meat when a friend, relative or neighbor went hunting and had enough meat to share.  The rest of our diet consisted of vegetables and fruits from the garden, spring water from the mountain, homemade butter that was churned by hand and so on.

For the past twenty years I have survived on processed foods, junk food, restaurant food and the like, but now at the age of 48, I find myself craving fresh fruits and vegetables, less and less meat, and not really being satisfied with anyone else’s cooking but my own.  I haven’t figured out where this desire is coming from, but at this point it doesn’t matter because the benefit to me is better health.

I also find myself needing less and less material things.  Why do people have to have hundreds if not thousands of movies, have 400 channels on the television, 3 or 4 cars,  pantries and refrigerators packed full of food that just go to waste or closets full of clothes with the tags still on them?  I feel like they get caught up in the syndrome of “I want what I want when I want it” or “I work hard, I deserve this”.  I’ve been there before.

What people tend to miss is that this stuff they are surrounding themselves with is not the real them.  This is not what matters when old age sets upon us or we are getting ready to exit this life.  What really matters, in my opinion, is finding our true self, loving ourselves, and connecting with others, really connecting!  Maybe it’s worth taking a look into your life at this point.  Who do you really want to be?  Who was that little girl or boy, and are you on the path of your authentic self or are you pretending to be someone you’re really not?  Do you have collections of material things, buy things in excess, and are you possibly living an unhealthy lifestyle?  The choice is our own.  Are you on a journey in search of the real you or have you found YOU already?

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