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Dating and Romance are no longer limited to the 3D Earth level.

A Non-Fiction, Empowering Book, about True, Cosmic Romance!  Welcome to, (  Not just another [Earth] dating site, such as, E-Harmony, etc.  It’s about the fact that the whole concept of “Dating and Romance” is truly no longer limited to [just] planet Earth!

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It is time to open up to the realization that Dating and Romance are no longer just limited to this 3D Earth level. It is time to no longer use various internet Dating Websites and Services. It is time to Acknowledge that in our True Love – the very special Twin-Soulmate/Twin-Flame that each of us were always Destined to Meet and Live Happily Ever After with – is not just some fantasy, but truly exists; it is just that a vast majority of the “Divine Other Half” of each of us are not currently on Earth, but rather exist on other worlds and on Higher Dimensional Realms. They now want to connect with each of us! There are insights and protocols that will help all these Twin-Flames couples to now find each other, to help you be reunited with your True Love. The authors share how they finally reconnected, and how this is just the beginning of all the other millions of Divine Couples finally being back together. Finally, you can be truly fulfilled on all levels of your being.

About the Authors

In, Michael Ellegion takes the reader with him on the unique, mind-blowing, and Transformational journey that he experienced when he was first reunited with Celeste, his own Divine Other Half.  He shares the many Awesome Blessings, Wonderful Miracles, and Powerful Synchronicities that occurred because of this, and how this literally energetically impacted the Time-Space Continuum – which also set the stage for many other Twin-Flame couples to now meet.

Michael is the author of Prepare for the Landings!, which describes his physical contacts and communications with Higher Extraterrestrial Beings. He was originally trained as a young child through the Edgar Cayce Method of Channeling, and he has done thousands of Transformational Channeled Readings for fellow Light Workers/Star People for many decades. He is available for media interviews and hosting and sponsorship for lectures and workshops. To learn more about Michael


Erial-Ali, the Psychic-Visionary Artist, who did this wonderful Portrait of Celeste, has been doing very beautiful visionary images of Higher Light Beings, Realms, and Intergalactic themes for many years, and is very talented with these images and psychic “Soul” Portraits.  Now that he has recently done this beautiful and very accurate portrait of Celeste, he is now also going to “specialize” in doing portraits of Higher Beings who are the Twin-Flames of fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment/Light Workers.

“In the image that he did of my Beloved, Celeste, he was able to really capture her “Immortal Intergalactic Goddess-Space Lady” frequency that she so very much emanates all the time, and her very intense deep Divine Unconditional Romantic Love that she so strongly and intensely feels for me all the time.  I also sense that those of you who are still sincerely “searching” with pure heart’s desire for your own” Cosmic True Love” will really enjoy having him do a similar type of portrait, so you, too, can enjoy the wonderful energetic presence that is felt from. 


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