Is Astrology Fortune Telling?

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The most common question that people ask a professional astrologer is….

“What does my future hold”?

My reply, as an astrologer, to that question is….

Whatever you decide to make of it!”

Astrologers can project charts of your stars and describe the planetary energy that will be in play at any given time in your life, down to the minute.  But we cannot foretell (fortune tell) how it will be used or how the energy will manifest in your life.  That is up to you and your Creator.

For example, if planetary energies are great for finding that special love in your life, yet you sit home night after night and don’t ever make yourself available to others, it is not probably going to happen.  But if you knew about this helpful energy in your life and used it wisely, then perhaps you would make yourself available by getting on a dating site or going out with friends more, etc during that transit.  The birth chart of your stars is not your fate.  It is your map for opportunities, understanding, and growth.

The planetary energies are there to support you or to teach you something.  But if you aren’t aware of them, you miss so much in self knowledge and opportunity.  I like to think of astrology as charting your course in life, because an astrology chart is like a map of a journey with signs that tell you what great things are ahead or it may  inform you of detours that would best to take or perhaps that you need to slow down and recharge before moving forward.  But YOU are still driving the vehicle and your choices affect the journey.   Others along the way also affect your journey and you make choices in how you will interact with them, which ultimately influences where you end up.  No two journeys are alike even with the same destination!

There are always surprises on the road too.  I believe those may come to you based on your thoughts and beliefs or simply from your Creator, in order to teach you something.  If you react positively and put the experience in a positive frame of mind, you are likely to learn the lessons that come up and improve yourself and be stronger for the journey.  If you have negative, victim thinking, you most likely won’t heed the lessons or move forward very far, repeating the same negative patterns in life.  Maybe you’re not moving forward in life because you’re not supposed to at that point in time.  Maybe there is some other part of your life that needs tending to and the difficult situation is bringing this to your awareness.  It’s all in the big picture.  Or as I like to say, it’s all in your birth chart.

Astrology is all about bringing awareness to the individual.  Awareness of one’s gifts and talents.  Awareness of one’s choices in life and why particular events may have happened.   Awareness of planetary energies coming up for the future.  It also shines a light on an individual’s weaknesses and areas that can be improved upon to help bring joy, success, and happiness to their lives. Astrology can map out the timing that is best for new ventures or for going back and reviewing some part of your life.  But it is always up to the individual how they use and implement what they learn from the awareness given in a reading.

I believe that we definitely co-create our lives with our Creator, and if we are aware of the layout of the road, the signs we are being given, and what our destination might be, the road trip of life will be so much smoother and fulfilling!  Keep a positive frame of mind, understand yourself and your chart, pay attention to the road ahead as well as where you’ve come from, and you will have the best, most productive journey possible.  And it doesn’t hurt to take a chance, hang your head out the window of the car, and just enjoy the wind on your face too!  Maybe you’ll be better able to read the signs along the road and decide which way to go when you’re relaxed, having fun, and paying closer attention to yourself and others in the moment.  Astrology is there to help you do just that.

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