It’s Not Just About the Needle

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What is Acupuncture? Needles. That’s the answer the uninformed give with a visible shudder when asked what having an acupuncture treatment means. Yes, the practice does involve puncturing the skin, but it is so much more than haphazard pricking. Human pincushions?

–Hardly. Based on ancient Chinese medicinal practices that have been around for thousands of years, acupuncture is the strategic placement of needles to bring about a specific outcome. Literally, it is the practice of puncturing the skin with tiny needles, but it is so much more: The ancient Chinese believed in a life force, oftentimes referred to as “qi,” which could be altered through the insertion of the needles. Whatever the reason for its efficacy, acupuncture is a nearly painless way to bring about healing and wellness.

Some of the different reasons people choose to undergo acupuncture sessions include:

  • Infertility – An inability to conceive a child can be due to many factors. Acupuncture is believed to lower stress levels and even enrich the endometrium lining, thus perhaps increasing a woman’s chance at conception. Today, women who undergo in-vitro fertilization treatments often opt for acupuncture treatments in tandem with the best of Western medicinal procedures. This is a health protocol known as integrative medicine. While each person’s body is different and no mix of treatments should be prescribed across the board as the standard, an acupuncture physician who consults with Western doctors can help a patient have the best possible chance at conceiving and carrying a child. By personalizing treatment, the answer to the age-old question “Why can’t I have a baby?” can often be given.

  • Stress and anxiety – When acupuncture needles puncture the skin, endorphins are released in a person’s body. This rush of endorphins can eradicate stress and lessen anxiety; when used in conjunction with other methods such as therapy, vitamins or Western prescriptions, this can mean a visible increase in a person’s quality of life. The acupuncture physician herself can understandably make a big difference in the outcome of the treatment. By teaching patients other strategies to lessen anxiety along with the actual acupuncture treatment, the healing results can be long lasting.

Learn more about what acupuncture can mean for you. As acupuncture physician Kym Black-Caporale often tells her patients, “It’s not just about the needle.”

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