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Finding The Best When Faced With The Worst is a Deliberate Decision

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In early 2016, I discovered a small lump on the left side of my left breast. I wasn’t doing an exam or looking for anything. The cancer actually found me. It said, “Here I am, right here.” On March 19th I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer). We soon learned that there were many cancerous tumors in that left breast. That one little lump that slightly pushed it’s way up into my skin so I could find it probably saved my life.

Boy did our world change! I have been healthy for so long. I rarely needed to go to the doctor except for wellness visits. Suddenly tests and procedures overwhelmed my physical and emotional body. Doctor appointments began flooding our calendar. There has been a steady flow of family history questions. Many decisions needed and still need to be made. What kind of surgery? How many surgeries? What specialist should we see first? What extra tests will be needed based on the results of the initial test? What kind of treatment would be necessary? And so on…

Despite this horrific news and the long journey that is still ahead of us, we have found a way to see the good things happening through this experience. Here are just some of them.

• I have My Julie. We have been together for 23 years. She is my hero! She is an incredible care giver. She is patient and gentle with me. Her kindness not only helps ease my pain, but also calms my heart. I love her very much!

• I have our kids, Jason, Katie, and Trevor. We couldn’t ask for better kids. All came home for my first surgery and helped everywhere they could. And our new addition, Jarrod, Katie’s husband. Little did Jarrod know what he was marrying into. 🙂

• We have precious and generous friends. We are so blessed! They have sent cards, gifts, gift cards, well wishes, prayers, etc. We’ve been overwhelmed with their kindness.

• We have compassionate and thoughtful medical staff. From our surgeon and doctors who took the time to sit and explain procedures and options and answer so many questions. To other medical staff who continue to provide information and understanding of what is to happen next and have spontaneously offered hugs and kind words knowing what we’re going through.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, but I still have a choice. I can look for the good around me through this experience, like the generous and caring people I described above and the excellent medical care and compassion we have received or I can be angry and depressed that this is happening to me. I choose to see the good and there sure is a lot! We know God is still good and we trust Him!

How are you responding to your circumstances? It will make all the difference in the world. How are you responding to people around you going through hard times? Your kindness will make all the difference in the world. How are you going to change the world? By noticing people. Your love in little or big ways will make all the difference in the world. ‪#‎BeDeliberate‬


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