January 2015- Living Inspired In A The New Year

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Welcome to January 2015 and three years of Conscious Shift. Thank you for your support and continued interest.
This year in true Conscious and Shifting form lets shake things up a bit. Instead of making the traditional resolutions that are often forgotten by the 5th of January lets do something different.  This year decide to live inspired.
I know that sounds unrealistic to most but lets think about that for a moment and ask ourselves what would it take to feel inspired and what would we do if we were inspired?  For me these question start with writing it down.
When I’m looking to get inspired I stop and sit in a quite place and I ask myself the hard questions. You know the ones that don’t always feel so great or bring up the things I rather not deal with. Then I write them all down. When I’m done writing down what doesn’t work, I write down the opposite, what I think will work and what would make me feel inspired. This is the magic part because it shows you where you want to go and helps you find a path to get there.
From here I can decide what it would take to shift the unwanted to the wanted and begin to make a plan. An step-by-step way to get to living in the inspired and wanted.
Sounds easy right? It can be easy and challenging. The key to making this work for you is to be accountable to you while loving you more than you love being stuck. To push yourself just enough so that you can actually make honest change all while creating and achieving the inspirations you seek.
The final and maybe most importantly, ask for help if you need it. There is nothing shifting about being stuck and not getting the help you need to move forward.  Once you get started you will begin to feel the inspiration and little by little you will have shifted into a whole new you that will last for the new years to come.
Happy New Year and happy inspirations!!!
Neo is always the best at knowing exactly what inspires him. He has finds his Zen spot and starts to dreaming of an inspiring new catnip bush.


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Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility. 

Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern


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