January 2016- Balance from Within

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Navigating your own personal in-between by going within is what balance is all about.

January 2016-Conscious Shift Magazine

january 2016

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Welcome to the first edition of Conscious Shift Magazine for 2016.

This year at Conscious Shift we chose to start things off with a bang…I mean balance.

Instead of going with the traditional topics for this time of year like resolutions or goals setting, let’s Consciously Shift our year by starting first with balance.  Establishing balance makes it easier to keep the resolutions and accomplish the goals.

Throughout my life I have found balance to be challenging. Not just physical balance, but overall living balanced. My physical balance is rough because of hearing loss. However, living balanced and healthy has proven to be harder for me than walking a straight line.

I grew up in a very truculent environment. You never knew what was coming. Would it be total carnage or complete isolation? Would the way my hair fell onto my face be the focus of a complete meltdown or would it go by unnoticed? I just never knew what was coming.

As a result of this I believed balance was all about the black and white. Give me a simple and straightforward answer. There are no shades of grey. We all like this, or we all like that. Let it be one way or the other so I know what I’m supposed to be and do in order to fit the bill of “balance”.

It has been a long time since I have lived like that and the thing that saved me was to stop looking to others for how to define my balance and to define it for myself. Once I started to understand and experience balance from within I began to see the whole color chart. I no longer lived in just black and white because it was safe or made others happy.  Finding my balance helped me to embrace the beautiful variations of grey, and purple, and green, and on and on.

When I focused on creating balance for myself I began to understand the peace it brings to life. The peace did not come overnight and neither did the balance, it took time and practice and it was worth it.

Living in your personal place of balance is beautiful. It thrives in contrast, and is filled with every color in the color wheel. Finding balance is all about finding you.  Take the time and make the journey to balance, it’s worth it because you are worth it.


Wishing you and your world a balanced, Conscious, and joyful  new year.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.


January 2016


Neo is great at balance. He sees his goal, tunes in with laser focus and then takes the leap of faith from his balanced platform….




Peace & Joy

Tracey R Kern


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