January 2020-What Do You Choose?

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Happy New Year! Happy 2020


Welcome to a blank slate of endless choice. 

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What do you choose for 2020? Are you ok with more of what you had last year?  If so then carry on.  Or maybe you’re ready for change and know exactly what you are going to do to make that change. I say awesome and rock it till the cows come home.  Or maybe you want change but don’t know how to get there.  All of these are great places to be if you use them to empower yourself to live your authentic choose.

Living our authentic choice can be difficult because often times in life we get stuck on stupid or as I call it S.O.S.  Not that were stupid but rather we are in a stupor that moves us through each day making us believe we are living our choice when in fact we are not.

Then December shows up and we get panic because we know a new year is closer than further away. We remember we did nothing that we said we were going to do at the beginning of the year.  We then remember that our resolutions from last year was not so resolved.

From here we reminisce about how we knew that this year would be different.  We then assess the state of our life with visits from the ghost of New Year goals past.

Once fully bummed out by the ghost of New Year goals past we start a whole new set of Un-Conscious resolutions.  We then convince ourselves that this year will be different. This year we will accomplish all the goals and a few we never thought of.  In fact, we get so motivated we get a dream board.

Then comes January 15th. The dream board has fallen off the wall and is sitting in the corner.  The goals and resolutions written in dry erase markets have become smudged by the dog that rubs against the board each time he walks by it.  Come February 1st the board is moved to the garage because you got sick of looking at it on the floor and it’s just too painful to admit that your New Year’s resolution is but dust.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you said yes then I ask you this, does it work for you?  If you answered yes then carry on with your choice. If not then maybe choose differently this year.

If you want different than ask yourself this, What Do I Choose?  What makes my soul sing? What makes me jump out of bead each morning and live joyfully?  Then be still and trust what you hear.

Next understand that your choice comes from within. Understand that choice is about beingness and that your beingness is more powerful than any doing you could imagine.

(This is the hard part because we are not used to listening to or trusting ourselves.) Know that your beingness is the catalyst that will focus, clear, and help you find your authentic choice.

From here it’s up to you. Are you willing to ask and then move toward What You Choose or are you ready for another episode of the ghost of New Year’s past?

Welcome to 2020 and welcome down the rabbit hole of What Do You Choose.




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