January 2021- Welcome to Possibility

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What is Possible?


January 2021 Welcome to Possibility

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Happy 2021 and Welcome to Possibility.  2020 has been downright interesting to say the least.  A global pandemic, political and social unrest just to name a few.  Now combine this with the unsettling feeling that nothing will be the same again.  Does that sound about right?

Well rest assured nothing will be the same again.  Nothing will go back to the “normal” of our past.

For quite a while the thought of nothing being the same again has left me feeling immensely unsettled. This thought has changed everything about my daily life.  Everything from driving my car to engaging with people.  Sitting alone quietly or having a meaningful conversation with friends.

Everything has been wrapped in a cloud of fear and uncertainty. 

For the past month I thought that the above mentioned feelings were why I was so ready to move into the next year.  I even began to believe that the new year would usher in a grand beginning unlike anything ever experienced.

That in the new year the pandemic would leave, politics would be aligned for the good of all, and racial tensions that have existed since the beginning of time would simply lift and leave.

 And this is when it hit me. 

What am I focusing on?  Where am I letting fear, anxiety and reeling thoughts take me?  Is it me that is allowing the world climate to affect me or am I really being affected?

I sat with this for a few days. Then I thought about it for a few more.  Eventually I started to give myself panic attacks.  At this point I had to stop and ask myself

“What Are You Focused on?”.

“Where is your Possibility?”.  And from here I began to remember me. From here I began to remember that I am possibility. That I create my reality not the world around me.

Yes, there will always be someone or something trying to get your attention. Something trying to pull you away from Possibility. But don’t let them. Don’t let it.  Instead choose to prevail.  Prevail by collecting the information, staying centered, and making your own decision based on your choices and values.

If you find yourself overwhelmed or inundated with information step back, breathe, and remember who you are.  Remember that you are more than this world would like you to believe.  Focus on your truth, go within and find your magic.  Your ever present, unlimited, and divinely inspired magical possibility.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of a year filled with Possibility

Tracey R. Kern
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