January 2022- New World Consciousness

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Thriving In the Face of Change


January 2022

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Welcome to a new year and a new edition of Conscious Shift Magazine. With the ringing in of 2022 our world is filled with hope and inspiration. A new platform and A New World Consciousness. It is truly an exciting time to be alive, or so says the Carousel of Progress at Disney World!

OK, let’s start this again… It is a new year, and we are in the middle of A New World Consciousness. These statements are very true. Is it an exciting time to be alive? Not sure I could get a majority vote of “yes” on that right now because change is never easy.

The world is changing and our perception of how we live in the world is changing too. In fact, it has been for two years now, if not longer.

Each year I find myself trying not to say the same thing for a new year and yet all I want for the new year is to believe the things I say.

Things like the world is not falling apart but that it is falling into alignment. We are all Consciously Shifting. What is happening right now is a majestic beginning, not a tragic ending… and I could go on, and I usually do. However, it’s time to see things as we want them to be and not as they have been handed to us.

It’s time to understand that there is A New World Consciousness being born right in front of us. And what a gloriously difficult time it is to be alive.

What a beautiful opportunity to be on the forefront of creation.

Yes, it’s hard. Yes, a lot of ugly is coming forward and yet, it is truly majestic. Majestic because now we can shed light on all of ourselves. Now we can see everything and make a conscious decision to keep what works and to release what does not.

Right here, right now, we are creating A New World Consciousness. We are doing this by consciously choosing what we want and how we wish to live. Each desire chosen then sorts and filters. Every choice, everything from what we hear, eat, smell, and think. How we connect with each other and more. Every choice we make is creating a long-term vibration that will be part of our New World Consciousness.

So, for this new year I say thank you for showing up. Thank you for accepting and continuing to be a part of this magnificent reality called Planet Earth. And for the new year I ask each of you to be the creators you came here to be. To connect with each other and create A New World Consciousness together.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of A New World Consciousness.





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