July 2014- Living Life Engaged

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July 2014 Conscious Shift Magazine

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Conscious Shift July 2014

Living life engaged…


What does it mean to live life engaged?  Is it being involved in every activity that presents it self?  Engaged living could be about participating in local and national sporting events. Maybe engaging is about volunteering with several organizations or being involved in group activities. The options are limitless and absolutely engaging.


One thing I understand about being engaged is that it takes some practice and thought. It’s a little all like the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey where he was required to say YES to everything that came along. In the movie being a Yes Man showed him that there was much more to life than he was seeing. It also got him into some sticky spots along the way.


At the end of the movie he learned that getting the most out of life didn’t require being a Yes Man or a NO Man. It simply required being an Engaged Man, and that every person defines being engaged differently.  If you stop and think about it a happy life is an engaged life.  Living engaged shows us possibility, it shows us what we can be or do and the great news, everyone can live engage, all you have to do is choose.  This is Conscious Shifting.



A day in the life of an Engaged Man…Neo



                                 Sun Gazing          Conscious Assisting          Garage Safari
Have a great month and thank you for Consciously Shifting down the rabbit hole with us.

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