July 2015- Your Health is in Your Hands

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July 2015

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Hello Conscious Readers,

Welcome to the July 2015 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine. This month we talk about your health being in your own hands. What exactly do I mean by that? Please let me explain.

Well for the past seventy years or so society has fallen into a trend that urges us to trust and accept that, “They” know best about how we should experience living healthy.  Over time we have come to accept that “They” are highly educated and more knowledgeable about how we should live in our own bodies. It’s gotten to the point that with every sniffle and sneeze we are asking for someone else to help us figure out how to fix it, or at least I did.

When I was twenty one I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that threatened to claim my life by the age of twenty five. I was told surgery and chemo were my only options and even that was just a shot in the dark.  Doctors discouraged my questions when I asked about other options. “They” laughed when my family brought me fresh carrot juice, shark cartilage and vitamin supplements to the hospital before and after my surgery.

In the end I lived past twenty five, lost most of my hearing, gained a huge amount of weight and was sicker than before my diagnosis. I chose the route of handing my health over to science. While that choice may have extended my life, it also radically altered it. After all the procedures, chemicals, and tests, I was a mess.  It took years for me to reclaim my health and vitality, and the only reason I was able to do so was because I said no. No more pills and no more procedure’s. I’m taking my health back.

I became my own personal authority and fired the “They”.  I asked better questions, explored all the options and made choices based on the information and options I found.  I studied alternative medicine, practiced energy medicine and chose to go within because that’s where my answers would be found.

This July it will be twenty three years since I had brain surgery and twenty years since I said no more…


Neo-Zen lotus pose.When taking his health into his own hands Neo believes in practcing the top five important steps for living well Sunshine,Rest,Water, Exercise, and Air

Well I know he’s breathing, I can see he’s laying in the sun, and its obvious he’s taking the rest part serious.





Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern
Conscious Shift Magazine

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